Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 2 – 9, 2019

Planet Waves - Sagittarius

By Amy Elliott


Jupiter enters Capricorn this Monday, joining Venus, Saturn, Pluto and a bunch of other points, and adding its considerable stature to an already massive gathering. For you, this mostly describes a shift in gear toward a more active way of being. This will be especially true in terms of the values you hold. What’s the use of principles if you can’t live by them, act on them, or work with them to create positive change in your environment? In addition, it helps to check your ideas for consistency, by following them through to their logical conclusion and noting the other issues on which they touch. If needs be, examine all of your theories and be prepared to overhaul everything that isn’t fit for purpose.


Your 9th house is the zone of philosophy, higher learning and aspirations, among other things, and the planet of expansion is about to arrive there. Consider this an invitation to open your mind, perhaps further than it has been for a long time. You’ll be encountering new and exciting ideas, which is especially interesting with Uranus in your sign. If you want to enjoy this moment to the fullest, stoke your curiosity by every means available. Get off the well-trodden path, which in this era generally consists of social media and banal TV, and find interesting and novel ways to exercise your little gray cells. Creative works count, especially those with a well-defined purpose — as do new friendships and explorations of intimacy.


The increasing number of bodies in Capricorn, your 8th house, is pointing the way to some deep-level emotional healing. In part, this is becoming available to you through personal relationships, specifically intimate ones. That doesn’t necessarily mean marriage or serious commitments — though this house is associated with them. It could refer to close friendships, or any meaningful connection in which you thrive. Regardless of specifics, it’s important that you use these interactions to understand yourself better, and not as a way of losing yourself and your uniqueness. The recent work you’ve done around this alone has given you a sense of who you are, which is invaluable and well worth preserving.


On Monday, Jupiter (which is exalted in Cancer, and therefore a personal planet for you) enters your opposite sign. Your chart describes this as a revelatory moment, in which the threads of the past year integrate and form a pattern. Lately, events in your life have amounted to a journey through unfamiliar and sometimes rather dark places. Jupiter is about to turn on a powerful flashlight, which will help answer some of the questions you’ve formed in recent months. Look for illumination in particular from other people’s actions, and from your general environment. You’ll benefit from some patience; the explanations are unlikely to show up all at once. Yet each new piece of information will open up more layers to your scrutiny.


An increasing focus on your zone of daily work and routines reflects the ever more busy period that to an extent we’re all experiencing. Jupiter is encouraging you to consider the big picture, which means strategy and organization. Step back from the fray regularly and check over your plans, to make sure you’ve not overlooked anything, and that you’ve accorded yourself enough space in the schedule to relax and have breaks. Likewise, avoid taking on anything new until you’re sure you can safely accommodate it. Finally, it’ll almost certainly help if you keep your larger goals in mind, in terms of both prioritizing those tasks that forward them, and also remembering why you’re doing all this in the first place.


Part of what makes creative work interesting is its quality of thinking outside the box — or perhaps dispensing with the box altogether, or traveling to a parallel universe in which the concept “box” doesn’t apply. Your artistic or inventive gifts, in whatever shape they come, will blossom most effectively if you allow yourself to relax the rules. Better still to have no rules at all, except for variations on ‘do no harm’. You’ll need to work actively to embrace the feeling of freedom, which includes opening yourself to the inspiring messages of the universe. These appear often in synchronicity, and in small gifts such as the beauty of a flower or the shapes of clouds in the sky. Listen, absorb and breathe deeply.


Current aspects are drawing you inward more than usual, resulting in your attention being necessarily centered in quieter pursuits and also turned to various longstanding matters. As you’re doing this, keep an eye on the temptation to feel frustrated or stuck. Once you see past that, you’ll realize this time of reflection and introspection has a purpose, which is helping you recognize the gifts of your character and the strength you’ve gained through past trials. This is a phase you’ll need to pass through for a while, before your focus can return more completely to forward motion. Follow your instincts, physical and emotional, and allow yourself to slow the pace of events and changes. It’ll pick up again when you’re ready.


Your ruler Mars is back in your sign, which suggests a sense of being on more solid and familiar ground, and coming home to yourself. That said, Mars can also manifest as an agitating influence, especially if you have unresolved material to work through. Take extra care with your communications. We’ve all said things in a fit of temper that we’ve regretted, and it’s possible to make amends if sincere in that regret. What’s less easy to recover from is deception — not simply outright lies, but also deliberate skewing of the truth, however small. This sort of action erodes trust; you would be well advised to avoid any temptation to resort to it. Instead, cultivate your honesty and sense of justice as a personal ethic.


Jupiter’s Dec. 2 sign change heralds an opportunity for you to engage with your most profound sense of self in a wholly new way. The structure and groundedness of Capricorn can help you use your divine spark to ignite a flame, and keep it burning. In other words, it’s a base from which you can stoke your passions and direct them into productive works. If you’re in need of a purpose or calling, this will help you find one. If you’re already on to something, this moment could help you refine your methods, expand your goals or broaden your reach. This is likely to transform the way you see yourself, especially in terms of understanding your capabilities. Look for where you may have underestimated your potential.


The Solar System’s biggest planet is about to join the already well-attended party in your sign. While it’s already pretty crowded and the intensity is increasing, note that both of the traditionally benefic objects, Venus and Jupiter, will now be present. This implies a more positive environment in general. For you in particular, it’s likely to present some clear signals as to how you could channel the impending Saturn-Pluto conjunction energy. By now you’re already aware of the general direction in which you need to be heading, thanks to the amplified voice of your higher self, which has been gaining in strength. What the next six weeks or so represent is the crystallization of that knowledge into a solid plan.


Let go now of any conception you have that you need to be perfect or faultless, or that you need obstacles removed before you can get anything done. All this does is hold you back, and prevent you from understanding yourself clearly. The pressure in your 12th house is building, though Jupiter’s presence will help you shine a spotlight on certain elements you’ve been hiding from yourself. It’s important that you accept all your feelings — and all your gifts — without judging them or trying to suppress who you are. What you’re experiencing now, and are about to experience, will only be as positive and life-changing as you’ll allow it to be. Which essentially means that if you want to, you can heal and grow from the inside out.


With your ruler Jupiter’s imminent move into your 11th house comes a change in how you view your aims for the future. One result of Jupiter’s recent long square with Neptune has been an abundance of castles in the air, some of which will now be shown to have structural flaws. Consider re-examining your approach to a specific idea or plan you’ve clung to during the past year, which potentially places heavy emphasis on the importance of one component. Whether or not you’ll need to do some significant rebuilding, or just apply extra paint and a bit of sanding, depends on a number of factors. A few thorough and methodical accuracy checks, however, would certainly come in useful.

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