Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 18 – 25, 2017

Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 18 – 25, 2017


ARIES — It’s sad but true that the notion of a ‘career’ has been reduced to what you can make a lot of money at, really, really fast. However, while you may be famous for being a bit impatient, that’s not your racket. And planetary movement is offering you something much better: potential for the long-term success of something you genuinely believe in. Under this ethic, you will take this thing that you’re envisioning, and get it started in a small way. Then you’ll refine what you’re doing, and develop your concept, your working methods, your message and your presentation. Then, slowly, you build your reputation, based on the authentic value of what you’re creating; by which I mean the value to the people who encounter your work. Set aside all thoughts of passive income, going viral, making a big splash, or working at arm’s length from your clients. You will be directly involved, and work like a stonemason, fitting every piece of your success into the next.

TAURUS — Your life has seemed far more complex than it really is; things are not really so out of hand as you might believe. In fact, as one development after the next (Saturn changing signs, the Sun changing signs, and Mercury going direct) happens over the next few days, you’ll gradually discover that you’ve been keeping on top of things quite nicely. You have a few discoveries to make, particularly regarding shared finances or contractual matters, though that information will help you strengthen your position and put a partnership on more solid ground. Yet that’s just the beginning. Saturn entering an earth sign will help ground you. The overload of energy in Sagittarius the past few months has been slightly more than you thought you could stand, though you’ve held up well. Saturn’s move will help you focus your priorities. It will take some pressure off your most important relationships. You will figure out once again that you’re a stable, ethical person.

GEMINI — Your life has been like Penn Station at rush hour for the past couple of months. Everyone and everything has been going this way and that. It’s true that you like to keep busy, but this has taken ‘on the go’ to a whole new level. This week there will be several important shifts. Mercury stationing direct will help you work out a kink in communication, or some other misunderstanding, with a close partner. Saturn changing signs on Tuesday begins an extended phase of your life that will be defined by deepening commitment to your most important goals, particularly financial. In recent years, you’ve had a tense relationship to those who seem to hold power over you, though now that must come to an end. It will be your responsibility to manage your own affairs, to maintain your schedule, and to be your own authority. To the extent that people have any power over you, you must intervene and make sure that becomes a thing of the past.

CANCER — This week, among many important developments, Saturn enters your opposite sign Capricorn — your 7th solar house, or the zone of your solar chart that reveals information about your relationships — commencing a phase of your life that lasts to the end of 2020. While this might get less-than-happy predictions from other astrologers, Saturn is the planet associated with Capricorn; which gives it what the old astrologers called dignity. This represents a homecoming for you in your relationships. If things have been one way for a long time, or a very long time, Saturn will present opportunities; not just for progress, but also for you to stabilize your associations with others. More on that soon. As for this week: keep a careful eye and a steady, guiding hand on all work-related matters. Evaluate your priorities carefully, and be prepared to make changes as needed. Amidst all the moving and shaking, there is one very important project you must begin in earnest, or bring to fruition.

LEO — Your solar chart is currently an orgy in an art studio in an airport being broadcast onto the internet with thousands of people watching the paint, passion and airplanes fly randomly, with nobody minding the control tower. By the end of the week, your solar chart looks like a calm but busy office, where everyone is productive, and where creative ideas are welcome and encouraged. The schedule becomes the most important structure, which keeps everything else organized. An aura of chaos will give way to calm order, and a priority being placed on wellbeing. You may not believe such a transformation is possible in just seven days. In truth it will take a little longer, though the groundwork — the revelations, the obvious necessity, and the most basic decisions — are likely to manifest in a very short time. There may be some turbulence in the process; though if you keep your priorities in order (mainly, your wellbeing and your productivity), that will not last long.

VIRGO — Certain household or family situations that have proven difficult to resolve will unravel this week, and you’ll have much more information to work with. Some pressure comes off, difficult questions find insights if not answers, and it becomes clear that knowledge really is power. For you, personally, it will be helpful if you follow Saturn into your 5th house of art, pleasure and play, and do your thing. If you’re an artist, lock yourself into your studio and paint. If you’re a musician, tune up the thing and remember what it’s for. If you’re into wine, consider that a talent and try something interesting. Whatever you like to do the most, make that happen. Your responsibilities have taken front and center for many moons, and your little kid wants to come out and play. This will be both easier and more meaningful in the months and seasons ahead; and offering yourself to what you love will help you feel the love coming back in your direction. I know for many people, life has been so stressful that we can forget why we’re alive. It’s time to remember.

LIBRA — When you dare to love yourself or appreciate yourself, that’s crossing a boundary. We’re trained to live to one side of an invisible line laid down by our predecessors. This is supposed to represent a limit on your bliss, your success, your curiosity or your willingness to try. Mars joining Jupiter in your neighboring sign Scorpio is a reminder that it’s OK to want more, and to stretch and reach for it. Because we’re talking about Mars, you may feel out of character, or like you’re faking it. Don’t worry about that. Part of the adventure is learning how to feel real about going for what you want. For a Libra, consciously experimenting with going out of balance is the way that you learn to tap your inner fire. One thing you can trust is that your foundations are strong. They’re strong enough to build on, and strong enough to accommodate your desire to make changes. Practice not needing anyone’s approval or permission. Don’t file a flight plan; just fly.

SCORPIO — You’re on an inner quest, burning with the desire to discover yourself. This works two ways. Way one is that you go out of your way to seek and find. Way two is you raise your awareness level and notice what comes to you, or what’s already available in your environment. I suggest you depend more on Way 2, because there’s just so much right within reach, and much more coming. You just don’t need to try that hard, or exert any extra effort, other than paying attention to what’s within walking distance, right in the house, on your desk or in your notebook. There’s so much abundance in your life, particularly spiritual and creative but also of resources, that you will surprise yourself with what you discover. Much of the struggle of life can be resolved by engaging yourself with life. Questions about your finances can be resolved by getting into the flow of productivity: not just what you do, but what you make.

SAGITTARIUS — Most of this week’s astrology is focused on your sign, and there’s quite a bit. Three interesting points: Saturn leaves Sagittarius after nearly three years, Mercury stations direct, and there’s a New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center. All of these symbols describe renewal, release, and expansion. It’s as if you’re being set free to experience a taste of your future. This will happen whether you plan it or not. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing; you will see evidence that your environment is changing. Notice who is around you. Notice the opportunities that emerge. Notice your impressions of the weather. Celebrate the most basic elements of your life and your surroundings. As Saturn changes signs, you may notice that a certain shaky, quaky feeling goes away and you discover that you’re made of more solid stuff than you previously thought. This will help you focus your plans and place emphasis on keeping your commitments, whether to yourself or to others.

CAPRICORN — Saturn entering your birth sign on Tuesday is the moment you’ve been waiting for, though that will be easier to discern once it’s happened. How this looks in the symbolism of astrology is that a hidden or missing aspect of yourself returns to you. Once you figure out that it’s back, you realize it always was there; and you can’t figure out how you missed it all this time. Saturn does have a way of pushing changes, though it also brings a sense of stability. The two work together: it helps to have a strong core when you want to rearrange your life. This will be in contrast to the kinds of changes you’ve experienced during the long, long spell that Pluto has been in your sign — that feeling of having your growth and evolution pushed onto you, and seeming to be out of your control. Saturn brings that back into balance. Rather than push ahead, though, you might spend some time cleaning up some of the debris from the demolition process of Pluto, and sort out what you want to keep and what you want to toss.

AQUARIUS — Most contemporary astrologers use Uranus as the planet associated with Aquarius, without mentioning that the original planet, from the days of Aristotle, was Saturn. (If you understand Saturn, you will understand Aquarius and vice versa.) This week, Saturn changes signs, entering the other realm it’s responsible for, your neighboring sign Capricorn. Also called your 12th solar house, this angle of your chart is about your interior world, and Saturn’s entry here describes an extended phase of claiming your inner knowledge. There’s also something here about negotiating a new relationship with the fears of your ancestors, and their psychological baggage. Most of the spiritual challenges you face predate you by generations. Your life will be easier if you sort out what is theirs from what is yours; this would include most of your fears and your anxieties; any guilt you may experience; and a certain rigid quality that you just don’t need and don’t want. As with yoga, rock climbing or physical therapy, this will require you to stretch, and you will get the benefits of flexibility.

PISCES — Events this week will remind you how much you’ve accomplished these past three years of Saturn moving across your solar 10th house: the one that’s about career, reputation, responsibility and success. You cannot really go wrong with Saturn in the 10th, though the combination of Saturn and Sagittarius is not necessarily easy. This was not about having the Midas touch but rather that of a carpenter, architect or engineer. You owe it to yourself to recall carefully what your life was about in 2014 and early 2015: what you were doing, how you were doing it, what goals you set for yourself and how you thought you might accomplish them. Notice the differences between how you related to your work way back then, and how you relate to it now. While these three years may not have been an easy run, you succeeded at making something that’s heavier than air fly through the air. And you’ve arrived at a new destination, and are standing on solid ground.

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