Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 11 – 18, 2017

Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 11 – 18, 2017


ARIES — You may not be sure what you believe. And that’s just fine — belief is a substitute for knowledge; it blocks awareness, and suppresses curiosity. Believe something and your mind goes into hibernation. You need rather to stay awake right now. You have a point of orientation, though, which is desire. You may be experiencing a psychedelic flow of plans, aspirations, ideas and concepts; there’s something, or someone, that you want. That’s the place to focus yourself inwardly. Your desire is more than a hope, a wish or a whim. It’s a potent focal point of your growth, something to be eminently honest with yourself about. That honesty is your teacher. This is not a matter of whether you get what you want. The real information comes through in how you feel about what you want. Note any guilt or other conflict, and then observe how you work with those feelings.

TAURUS — Mars has entered Scorpio, the zone of your chart that describes your relationships. Among the possible experiences are how strongly people feel about you, whether feelings of passion, desire, admiration or distaste. You cannot make other people change their emotional makeup, though you have to adapt to the psychic weather. How do you respond when someone expresses intense feelings for you? Are you comfortable with being wanted? Do you find it offensive or aggressive, even when it’s not intended that way? Another way to consider Mars is the world holding a mirror to you. For example, you may see how you respond reflected back at you as that same emotion. Take something as a compliment and it will seem complimentary. Take it as an insult and it will seem insulting. It’s vital that you understand the degree to which you mediate the nature of your reality. You are the interpreter. You give everything and everyone their meaning.

GEMINI — You’re likely to be feeling overwhelmed, with the world — and your world — going through more alterations than a dress shop during prom week. There would seem to be no way you can control your own life, much less the flow of events. Yet there is something else you can do, which is practice your self-awareness in the midst of so many changes. You can prioritize, which would rightly begin with focusing on the single most important item on your agenda. You can bring something valuable to all of your human interactions, and infuse with genuine respect every last contact with every single person you meet. As you do this, you will notice there’s a pattern to the flow of events. If you can maintain a positive attitude and go with the flow, the miracle of synchronicity will become a stronger presence. We live in extraordinarily chaotic times; and must use seemingly advanced, though in truth basic, spiritual methods to navigate our lives. Love is the answer, though when you offload all the baggage, that means a friendly spirit of trust.

CANCER — Things must be really exciting at work — yet equally meaningful. Remember, and remember always: your work is about meaning, by which I mean the essence of your spiritual life can (and indeed must) be found in the work that you do. Work is not a separate thing for you, and if you’re looking forward to 5 pm when you can leave and resume your real life, you’re burning up your engine. In any event, you can at this moment find actual, even profound, meaning in your daily activities; and if you catch even a trace of that, you will have additional clues as to how to go deeper. Remember it’s not the activity that you do that counts, but rather the people you work with and, ultimately, whom you are serving with your precious mind, time and life force energy. Whatever you are doing, important information about your purpose and how to fulfill it is coming through right now, in a once-in-a-lifetime fashion.

LEO — It would be helpful to notice, and to admit, the extent that your emotional life is grounded in your sexuality. This is neither inherently “good” nor “bad” but rather a fact of biology, which you can use and experience any way you like. At the moment it would seem like you’re working out some interesting, even exciting, creative and/or erotic kinks, though these things are not an abstraction. They’re not external or extrinsic to you; they are you. It would be truly helpful if you focus your energy on self-expression, and give yourself a vent for everything you’re experiencing inwardly. You need some excitement, you need some feeling of taking a risk, and you need to see some result of your creative power. You could have great fun on a paintball range, though you might choose something more sophisticated. For example, a notebook and oil crayons; though potentially only in shades of red, yellow and orange, to match the fiery nature of your astrology.

VIRGO — Monitor family matters closely, though remember there’s only so much you can do — and events will run their course. If you pay attention and maintain communication with specific people you care the most about, you will find your opportunities to intervene — and do no harm. That’s what you’re looking for, though few consider this, or believe it exists. Yet if you run this idea through your mind continually, you will remember. At every opportunity to assist someone, consider the potential damage. If you determine that assisting someone will hurt neither the person you’re helping nor you, nor any third party, then you’re clear to offer assistance or respond to a request for help. There are many facts in whatever family or household scenario you’re experiencing that have yet to come to light. So it’s better if you reserve judgment and, instead, be a detached observer. Naturally this is easier said than done, especially if you’re directly involved; but it’s not impossible.

LIBRA — Money is almost always a factor of motivation. Commerce comes second; one’s drive comes first. You have the drive, though at the moment, commerce is a little wonky, as is anything you might express in language. Therefore, make your plans, and plan your schemes, and then give things a few weeks to settle down before enacting them. Between now and then, you will still need to participate in the human race. The way to do that the most smoothly is to keep all of your messages positive. Compliment people for what they do well, and skip any shade of criticism. Then, don’t be surprised if people take a compliment personally (i.e., they think it’s an insult), though at least you cannot be really accused of saying something negative. Suspend all forms of sarcasm. Leave that to the professionals on Comedy Central. All of this said: over the next week or so, you may encounter the occasional excellent, short-term, immediate or low-risk business opportunity. Just read everything carefully, and beware of supposedly easy money.

SCORPIO — Mars has finally entered your sign. That must feel good. Suddenly you’re no longer wandering around in a sense of anxious potential but rather are able to take some action toward your goals. However, there’s something of a mash-up happening in Sagittarius, your sign of financial affairs (including what may be the most complex Mercury retrograde ever); and, given that, the first thing to do is to know where you stand. That means know your bank balances, know what bill is due on what day and, as Peter Gabriel said, know your plastic from your cash. For now, it would be wise to indulge in things that don’t cost much money, and there are plenty. Mars in Scorpio is passionate and curious, qualities that you can embody. You don’t need to precede an erotic experience with an expensive date. You don’t need to travel to China for fun, when there’s plenty within 50 or five miles of your door. (I don’t mean to sound like your great aunt, but the $5 or $10 cup of coffee is just plain ridiculous.)

SAGITTARIUS — The astrology in your sign isn’t just the magic teacup ride. It’s not the double-loop roller coaster. It’s not the fun house or the tunnel of love. It’s the whole darned amusement park, in all sincerity, outstripping anything I’ve ever seen (and Sagittarius, for whatever reason, always puts on a fantastic show). However, two elements stand out. Venus is in your sign, which is providing you with resources, charm and a blessing from the goddess. And Saturn has just cleared its conjunction to the Galactic Core, and is about to enter Capricorn. This is the culmination of a major phase of your life. Mercury retrograde is calling you to review the last three years carefully, to consider what you’ve learned, and to spot anything unresolved and clear it up. Then, prepare to plunge forward into the unknown, that favorite haunt of Sagittarius. You were born for adventure. Your mind is big enough to wrap around the whole world and a good bit more. Stand your full height, and light your flaming arrow.

CAPRICORN — I wish I could convey the sheer power, light, strangeness and mystery of all that’s happening in your chart (see Sagittarius for a description). All of this is occurring in your 12th solar house: the one that’s behind a scrim, almost where you cannot see it. But you can certainly feel it. Among the figures in your 12th is Saturn, the planet associated with Capricorn, and a good portion of the solar system, all at once. This might feel like being pregnant with quintuplets who have learned to play volleyball. However, the thing you’re going to give birth to is Saturn, which will penetrate the veil and emerge into your full awareness in just over a week. That’s another way of saying you will soon see all that was concealed. You will begin to experience all that was lurking in potential. You will begin a most remarkable three-year journey of coming to terms with yourself. Saturn, often mistaken for that which is stuck or inflexible, is one of the most dependable agents of change in all of astrology.

AQUARIUS — Mars has now entered the leadership angle of your chart, joining Jupiter (the bringer of knowledge and expansion) and Vesta (the goddess of service and devotion). This is a calling. I don’t know whether you’re feeling it; or, if you are, whether you’re counting it as something real. It most certainly is. Your job is to bring an organizing principle to the swirling chaos of the world. Define one purpose, and let everything organize itself around that. Persuade with a blend of one-third emotional appeal and two-thirds psychology. Set the example of showing up every day, on time, all day. The very essence of Aquarius is being the sign of the people. Whether this is for friendly, socially progressive causes, or lock-step ideological purposes, is up to the person wielding the energy. Just remember, you’re depicted in the zodiac holding an urn of water. Right now, people are thirsty for ethics, for love and for sincere leadership.

PISCES — You may feel like you’re on a ride you cannot get off. Are you having fun? Are you being productive? Are you accomplishing interesting things? How are you getting along with people? Is respect a distinction of your life? Do you get along with people in leadership positions over you? Are you dependable? Go over these questions and you’ll have an assessment of how you’re doing with all this astonishing activity in Sagittarius, the success and accountability angle of your solar chart. Above all else, you must be your own master. You must be your own timekeeper. Your job is to set the quality standard of your work, and do your utmost to live up to it. You’ve come through a three-year program (almost the length of time to earn a Bachelor’s degree) of Saturn working its way across the top of your solar chart. This has bestowed you with the power of manifestation. You have indeed built something, a kind of life vehicle. Oh, the places you’ll go.