Planet Waves Horoscopes: August 5 – 12, 2019

ARIES — Jupiter in Sagittarius, your 9th house, has a visionary feeling. This has been going on most of the year. The potential problem is that Jupiter has also been making a right angle to Neptune, in Pisces. From that equation, you could doubt your best ideas, or be unable to distinguish them from the ones you really care about and want to invest in. Jupiter square Neptune has a “what a beautiful bubble” feeling to it. Yet Jupiter is about to station direct, and complete the process of the square. That will be a test of truth for what you desire, feel, aspire to, or want to create. For you, any test of truth is a good thing, as you need to purge your life of what does not measure up. At the moment, evidence will come from seeing what happens when you perform a real-time experiment: try something you want to do, size up the results, and try again. Keep at it for a while and you will learn something.

TAURUS — You are rarely the spontaneous action type, though at the moment, you’re sitting on hot coals. Yet is there really anything you need to change? It would seem more relevant to consider what has changed; in particular, you seem to have reached a new depth of commitment in a partnership. That could work both ways: the commitment to hold this level of depth, or concerns with doing so. It will be helpful if you do not consider this a “fixed” situation, but rather a work in progress (as is most of life). Here is a potential tension point, as described by astrology: what is the thing that you must hold space for, or somehow abide? And how do you feel about that? Even if you like that thing, be aware of the role you play: of making something possible. It might seem like you don’t benefit, though in the greatest sense (and many others), you do.

GEMINI — Work out your financial kinks one at a time. Don’t just leave them around to fester. Look directly at whatever issues you discover, take them apart, and solve the problem on the spot. And if you cannot do that, you can surely do an assessment and then engage a work plan, complete with a timeline. I can give you one potentially helpful clue: much of what you’re dealing with involves your priorities. You could work out nearly any financial question by sizing up what is important to you, and in what order you handle your commitments. There are times when you have to put food and shelter on top of your list, and there are times when you have to put therapy as item #1. There are times when you have to fix the roof, and times when you have to get out of town. Take this process methodically. Your ideas about life and money are being rapidly shuffled at the moment.

CANCER — If you have come through recent bouts with Mars, eclipses and Mercury retrograde relatively unscathed, it was not thanks to luck. It was due to your ability to skillfully manage your affairs. If you’ve suffered damages or losses, this is the time to do a careful review and figure out what happened. The astrology of the past three months (May, June and July) was a kind of dry run for what will be developing over the next six months, well into early 2020. So, if some matters went less than perfectly, or if any weak spots in your life system were revealed, address them now. What is vital, in the first instance, is that you have people in your life who are reliable, and who are motivated entirely by love, or love and some other reward. Yet your top priority is being able to depend on yourself for your stability, your resources and your most basic needs. You would be wise, however, to keep practicing being open to the care and support of others.

LEO — If certain creative plans or ambitions have been slow to develop, don’t be discouraged; gently persist. Part of the problem may be the degree to which you’ve depended on partners for energy, inspiration or encouragement. That is the likely energy drain. You might try a policy of maintaining containment on your ideas till they are well into development. You might also avoid those who in any way try to dissuade you from what you want to do, and from the talents you’re devoted to developing. Whether we’re talking about partners, friends, or some other form of associate, surround yourself only with those who support and encourage your excursions into art, love and life. Once you set that as a standard, you may discover that not so many people are there; jealousy and envy are real problems on this planet, though they don’t have to be your problems. Do not invite them in, or reward them, in any shape or form. Do what is right for you.

VIRGO — Be alert to any paranoid thoughts about others wanting what you have, or having agendas that conflict with yours. You don’t know what people really think until they either tell you, or actually do something you can observe. What you think they think is not enough. In fact, it’s likely to be a distortion of reality, and a picture of what you have in your mind, and nothing else. The same is true, in any situation, for what you think people think of you. But here is the thing to practice working with — in the end, what people in general think of you matters so little as to be irrelevant. Whether their opinion is horrid or wonderful or some combination, it’s unlikely to be grounded in fact, and it’s subject to change at any time. However, your opinion of yourself matters a lot, and if there is anything for which you need to make amends, now would be an excellent time. For you, self-respect is everything. And you know it must be grounded in reality.

LIBRA — Your astrology is full-on social mojo. This is just at the right time of year. True, summer usually is your best season, though your astrology is peaking at the moment. You might have the idea that you will meet The One. Be careful with that; you will do much better if you take an egalitarian approach when you meet people. Silently say to yourself, “I have no idea who this person is.” But if you’re a woman (or man) and you’re into meeting men, you might say, “This man is not my father.” If you’re a man (or woman) into meeting women, you might say, “This woman is not my mother.” Get the relationship onto level ground as fast as possible, meaning in the first five minutes. Remember not to be intimidated by anyone, no matter how attractive, charming or funny they are. Keep the relationship human to human, with full dignity and respect. There’s nobody here but us critters.

SCORPIO — Aspects are supporting and encouraging of your professional aspirations. Make sure you know what you want, and that you have at least a modest plan for how to get there. However, you would be wise to take a service-based approach to the puzzle rather than an ambition-based one. Instead of thinking of yourself as a star, remember, you’re the one who is good at holding things together. Make sure that is your primary organization — and then indulge in a little sparkle. Yet it’s better if you give credit for great accomplishments to the people you lead or help organize. Even so, this is not all about appearances; you need to maintain your core strategy of paying attention and making decisions; of noticing what others fail to see, and listening when someone points something out to you. Your best approach is leadership not from the front, nor from the back, but rather from the center.

SAGITTARIUS — Much that has been stuck or stagnant could begin to move. Don’t push things; wait carefully for your moment, or the appropriate moment for each stage of your plan. Keep in mind two properties of the current astrology. One is a reverse in polarity: people may switch sides; you may choose to reverse your objective and go in the opposite direction; the environment may suddenly support another approach or plan. Second, small factors may play a far greater role than large ones. Therefore, do not discount the influence of any particular factor, and take note of what may seem insignificant. One gram of weight, one nudge, one tap, could shift the direction of your life. And that is to say, one thought. So do not rush or push forward. And do not passively wait. Rather, set your life in order, and spend enough time listening to your mind in the depth of silence (try to get there). We are looking at a process that will take about 10 days, and they are indeed 10 days when you can alter the trajectory of your life.

CAPRICORN — You will feel the energy give way first within you, then in your outer personality and in the world around you. Therefore, keep your attention focused as inwardly as possible, here in the digital hall of mirrors we are living in. If you are older, you may remember how this is done: give yourself some peace and quiet, isolated from activity, for a little while each day. Turn your attention within and hang out there for a while. Be at least somewhat consistent and you will feel the change I’m describing. If you’re younger, your concept of internal space may be rather different from those of older people, which means it may not exist in quite the same way. Your interior world has the feeling of a dream. All the stimuli and imagery and sensation are contained within you. Right now this seemingly hidden or invisible world is where all of the action is in your life. The externals do not matter, or matter very little. They are subject to the shifts and movements that you and you alone contain.

AQUARIUS — The world is rumbling, though you may be catching a glimpse of how you are larger than your perceptions. Your inner existence is the place to focus in these strange and dangerous times. Though you have responsibilities in the world around you, you are being called to do what so few can accomplish at this time: maintain your quest for change, progress and healing without projecting it onto the world. You do something difficult, which is accept your involvement in all that you see, and understand that your perception is the ’cause’ of how you perceive anything. Here, the most meaningful change is possible — the one that originates with you. In truth, there is no other change possible, because this is the only one that counts, individually or collectively. To put this in simple language: don’t worry so much about the world as you do about how you perceive it. There is crucial work to be done, and it begins with you.

PISCES — This is the time of year when you benefit from taking extra care of yourself, which sets a pattern for a few seasons to come. But with Venus and Mars joining the Sun in Leo, your work angle, you seem determined to keep your focus and accomplish great things. Yet you can afford to slow down the pace, and take items off your progress agenda, and add a few to your self-care program. The time for a serious push will begin when Jupiter stations direct on Aug. 11, though for several reasons you run the risk of wasting energy. Practice efficiency and be selective about what commitments you take on. Take every effort to ensure that your priorities are in order. First things first will be a helpful guide, and at least get a start on longer range plans so that you’ve got a little something on the page when it comes time to write the story. You can count on the fact that you always get things done when you need to; maintain your positive state of mind first and foremost.