Planet Waves Horoscopes: August 19 – 26, 2019

By Eric Francis

ARIES — This is always a productive time of year for you, and can be especially so, with Venus, Mars and the Sun moving through your work and productivity angle. You will have no problem keeping busy, though you will want to choose the projects you contribute to. Look for the connection between any one task and several of the goals or objectives you’re moving toward. The more connections any one task has to a few different points, the better. More significant, though, is how you feel when you’re involved. When you find that experience of being lost in your work, when the time leaps by and you look at the clock and it’s 3:30 am when a minute ago it was 10 pm, that’s the place to be. To that end, do what attracts you, what turns you on, what feels good when you’re involved. From there, one good idea will lead to another.

TAURUS — Notice how the concept of sharing has ended up in the recycling bin. What used to be called “the commons” has been replaced by vending machines. You might want to retrieve it and get it going in your local world. This is not specifically about you, though you may benefit. The subject is much larger than one person, though ideas always start with an individual. You’re in a position to facilitate something worthwhile, and that goes contrary to the prevailing (extremely annoying) environment of buy, sell, buy, sell. Yet you know the world belongs to all of us. You know that we are merely its stewards. There’s a benefit to tapping into this level of reality, which is true abundance. Yet you’re the leading candidate for getting things started, or better said, reviving an old idea whose time needs to come.

GEMINI — More so now than ever, you must do what feels right. If you encounter resistance, delays, blockages or frustration, try doing something else. The order in which you do things is less important than engaging in activity that is satisfying and at least somewhat fruitful — and your home is a good place to start. Anything you can do to improve your living space will make you significantly happier. The areas to attend to first are things like cleaning, taking care of your plants, and your linens. Tackle any stagnant corners, piles, closets or storage areas, for example, under the kitchen sink. Get the energy moving. Wash the curtains — this kind of thing. The result will be a liberating sense of belonging in your own space, greater productivity and being ready for company to arrive. Cleaning and freshening physical space are a positively awesome vacation from the oppressive digital realm.

CANCER — Words count now, and you can make them work for you. In fact, imagine the whole dictionary shaking and vibrating and wanting to jump into your mind, your notebook, your computer screen. The Sun’s entry into Virgo is your invitation, though there’s no need to delay. Venus and Mars are involved, so the feeling is sensuous, warm, and with some sexual tension in the mix. Follow your curiosity, and dance with the possibilities. I don’t know if writing turns you on; surely at least reading does, and in our times, engaging with a book is a full-on immersion of your senses. Yet you also seem to have a story to tell. You might be tempted to write about your experiences, though I suggest you point your pencil in the direction of what you want, and want to create. Be colorful and detailed and passionate in your description. See and feel your desires as vividly as you can.

LEO — Your astrology is calling you to set your priorities in order. It’s easy to let this fall to the side, though it’s now on the level of a necessity. Consider your priorities as being in two main categories — wellbeing and finances. They are related, as there is often some need to allocate resources to taking care of yourself. Yet this is as likely to be about time and energy as it is about money. Even more than that, your commitment to your own cause is the essential motivating factor to stay in touch with. Pay attention to what you know drives you to act on your own behalf, and connect with that idea, feeling or emotion. You always have time to do the things that are important to you, and right now, there are some significant needs you must address — and you have all the necessary ingredients to make that happen. Just put them all together.

VIRGO — The Sun enters your sign in grand style this week, with the company of both Venus and Mars. This is the perfect image of Virgo, which can embody either sex, or neither sex, as you wish. This goes for any form of sex roles, or the emotions that are ascribed to them; and it goes for your organic response to the direct experience of being alive. If you are feeling anything but your most incredible vitality, pause and consider why that might be. Are you hesitating in any way? Are you actively resisting? There’s often a little fear in the experience of feeling fully incarnated and in possession of your existence. One of the ways you know you’re getting near the cusp of actually embodying being wholly alive is when that fear starts to bubble to the surface. You are in a position to exceed or violate the metes and bounds that supposedly define who you are. Once you do that, keep going.

LIBRA — Your imagination may be running wild for the next few weeks — and it will help you if you get out of your head and into the physical world. By all means stoke your fantasies and indulge in your mental pleasures, and then cross the bridge into reality with at least some of them. It’s true that all things related to the body are confused and distorted at the moment, and may be laced with fear and apprehension. You might feel embarrassed about allowing something out of the sanctity of your mind and into the wild world, where you must in some way interrelate with others. That is, however, the thing to do: for healing, for pleasure, and for growth. The inner and the outer worlds rarely align with perfect symmetry (really, never, but I never say never). So this is an experiment, one you may need to try a few times. Borrowing a line from The Beatles, all you need is trust.

SCORPIO — You may care about your reputation, but there is little you can do about it, and little that you need to do. You are who you are, and how people perceive you is their business. Attending to the details of your presentation may make you feel better though they are unlikely to sway anyone. What you can focus on is feeling good, and being at home in your skin. These days that’s a revolutionary act. Any gesture of casting off the burden of image is a kind of revolt. This is mainly for the benefit of your own sanity; thinking you know what other people think is a hall of mirrors. Practice self-acceptance. Practice being who you are and saying what you think. Not everyone will like it. You will repel some of the right people. You will attract certain others. This will work pretty well, most of the time. It’s easier than obsessing over matters where you have no control.

SAGITTARIUS — Just in time for Jupiter’s recent return to direct motion, several helpful planets are crossing the midheaven angle of your solar chart — your fellow mutable sign Virgo. This is about stepping up and stepping out in the world. It’s also about attending to the details of your work, rather than leaving them to others. It’s true that Sagittarius has the reputation of not wanting to get bogged down in the technicalities, but that’s only one side of your nature. Another side wants total control. And though you can rarely have this, you can make sure that the connections are made, that your preferred language is used, and that you understand all of the commitments you’re involved with. Yet you must be cautious of overthinking matters, and getting so caught up in details that you lose the wide view and your sense of your goals. So make sure the two are connected, and be on the lookout for mistakes, miscommunications, and assumptions.

CAPRICORN — You’re being confronted by so many challenges that it may seem impossible to see, or think about, the true scope of your existence. You may feel like you’re driven by responsibility that you can barely handle. Yet that is the state of mind you want to step out of, calmly and quietly, and consider the underlying purpose of what you are doing. Over the next week or so, you may be filled with the idea that you came here to learn, and you must persist in doing so. But what exactly are you learning for? Knowledge is rarely an end in itself. It needs a job, a direction, a mission. Only then is it relevant. Most of the useful knowledge you gain comes from experience and experimentation. Sure, you need some theory; but step by step, match what you’re experiencing to what you know from books, theories and other sources of ideas. The meeting of the two is what you want — and what you can most easily use for the greater good.

AQUARIUS — Your chart is under excellent aspects for connecting with others, though you don’t want to be a perfectionist about this. No contact you make with another person should have an end goal that you drive it toward. Desires are one thing; wanting certain experiences is fair game; but you would be wise to stay out of any form of “tie the knot” territory. Be open-minded, and keep an open heart. Be yourself and give people plenty of space to be themselves. Then, see if you can observe any points of intersection, of a sincere meeting, even if the subject matter is focused. Explore what works and grow from there. Be alert to your level of commitment to any situation, and see who sends you the message that they like you. Most of the world is oriented on going straight to the transaction these days. Nearly everything is seen in economic terms. Do what you can to get away from that.

PISCES — The Sun, Venus and Mars are about to enter your 7th solar house: the one about relationships and partnerships. This will put you on the map, and it will shine a spotlight on certain people in your environment. Follow the light. Involve yourself with who and what is available. Try to get out of that habit of wanting what you cannot have, including people who treat you inconsistently or who always seem to be making up their mind. Move on to the next person or the next situation. There will be plenty, especially if you don’t clog up your own availability by distracting yourself with unproductive situations. We all need to acknowledge the extent to which this is a useless habit. In support of a new vision, notice who notices you. Notice who shows up. Respond positively when someone offers you something loving and affirming; reward affection and pass on the rest.