Planet Waves Horoscopes: August 14 to 21, 2017

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — So what are you doing with your freedom? I mean really doing, with your creative freedom, your relationship freedom, your ability to move around the planet and to associate with anyone you want? What’s on your list that you hesitate to act upon, and what gives you pause? Finally, what’s standing between you and your ability to choose? It might amaze you how little seeming security you trade for how much lost opportunity. Now it’s time to trade some of your false confidence for some actual curiosity and adventure. What are you waiting for? You’re being called over and over again, and you’re jumping in place. If you’re even vaguely deterred by what others might think, forget it. The opinions of others matter less than ever, as they should. This applies to any fear of others judging how uninhibited you are, how sexual, how strange, how talented or not — just forget it.

TAURUS — You’re in an excellent negotiating position, as long as you don’t get obsessed with being a good boy or a good girl. At a certain point you must exceed the perceived expectations of parent-figures, particularly (in the instance of your current circumstances) any father figures. Give them a new job. Shift the relationship. Let yourself out: let them see how beautiful and intense you are, and get that out of the way. Once you can live without feeling like you have to hide your beauty, you’ll have more energy and far more self-assurance. You don’t need to hide your passion, your longing for life or your need to make your own decisions. It’s the hiding that burns up your energy. It’s your negative expectation that prevents you from coming into yourself and living fully. At a certain point, all father figures must know exactly who you are.

GEMINI — It’s time to dig into the corners of your home and clear out the clutter, the old vibes, the dust and the dust bunnies. Wash the curtains, clean the rugs and organize the closets one at a time. Mercury is retrograde in your 4th house — your living space — and Vesta, the goddess of hearth and home, is involved. That means your efforts at refreshing your home space will be met with divine blessing and, if you persist, will be rewarded by creative breakthroughs. However, if you can avoid it, don’t think of the goal; get into the process of vacuuming and using as much Dr. Bronner’s soap for as many purposes as you can (skip the cleaning chemicals — soap and hot water is the best exorcist of the past). Know that you are taking part in a divine ritual that will turn your home or studio into an ashram devoted to your talents and creative ambitions.

CANCER — This is the time to assess your resources: all of them, beginning with the fact that you’re alive at this distinctly strange time in history. Then consider every talent, every idea, the space you live in or have access to, the tools of your trade and, most significantly, your friends and supporters. Do a total inventory. It’s time to take full ownership of who you are, what you’ve developed within yourself, and what you have available to use. The astrological occasion is unusual activity in your 2nd solar house, Leo. The 2nd house is resources; Leo is the gold standard. You have quite a bit available to you, and the question is, are you aware of it all, and have you connected it to your aspirations and intentions? Now is the time to get these things into alignment and make efficient use of them; or, said another way, to use what you have and what you know.

LEO — Mars and the Sun are streaking through your sign, on course for a rare total solar eclipse that takes place Monday, Aug. 21. You would have to be living in a cave under a rock on another planet not to know about this, though you may have questions about what it means for you. Simply stated, it’s time to take hold of your life and live as if it’s your own. If you’re tuning into the astrology, you’ll probably feel a bit daunted by the possibilities and also by your desire to stretch, grow and, in general, change things up. You had best think big, since it’s rare to have this kind of leverage point, where you can actually attain a degree of progress that truly makes a difference. The more you cooperate, the more creative and less destructive this will feel. Yet no matter what there is the necessary component of letting go of elements of the past — which you will not miss.

VIRGO — Mercury is retrograde in your sign, which indicates that this is a time of review, repair and reorganization. Yet, you’ll discover there’s a lot more happening if you’re willing to fully engage the process of dealing with the past, in whatever form it might be lingering in your life. That could include a relationship that needs to be resolved; it could involve some financial cleanup, or potentially a creative or career project. Whatever element of the past we may be hinting at, set about the process of working it through. Make it a priority and stick with it, prioritizing it over any social or recreational plans that you may have. Of course, get out and have fun; but make sure that you have the kind of fun, and company, that nourishes rather than depletes you — and set that as a conscious priority. It’s time for all the parts of your life to work together.

LIBRA — Your public image is one thing; your social reality is another. Image is, by definition, a kind of illusion. The people you have contact with, share with, learn from and explore life with are the real thing. And that real thing is evolving rapidly right now: new people are coming into your life, and previous ones are departing. This is part of a much deeper revamp of your desire, your dreams and your sense of purpose. And on the deepest level, this is about you and nobody else: decisions that only you can make, because only you know what they are. The vital thing is that you respect your own desire to become whatever it is you want to become — and that you not hesitate on decisions. I hear from Libras all the time about how they just cannot decide. What I’m here to tell you is that this is a skill you learn through practice, and that now is a particularly rich moment to engage your intentions.

SCORPIO — It’s astonishing how many people are still worried what mommy and daddy think. That extends to all forms of surrogate parents, such as partners, the government, bosses and even children. There’s a reason for this. To liberate yourself from all those influences is to take responsibility for your choices, and for your successes, and your failures. Once it matters not what power others seem to hold over you, you’re on your own; that’s the cost of living on your own terms. This may seem lonely at first, until you figure out that companionship is not about control or being controlled. In fact, neither is leadership. You’re entering a time in your life when everything must be entirely voluntary, which means abandoning the charade that it’s somehow not. You may think you have loyalty to people, though that is meaningless unless you have fidelity to your own purpose and reason for being.

SAGITTARIUS — You’re experiencing a series of openings, which will require you to be flexible and to exercise both your talents and your options. Decisions you make now will influence your life for years to come, and the most significant of those is how you feel about yourself. Your most important choice in this lifetime is to focus on your purpose. If you seem to be lacking information about what that purpose is, you need to pay closer attention to yourself. Personal meaning is not about being pulled by external forces, though they may seem to have an influence. It’s about feeling your own inner movement as a source of guidance. The question is not what should you have faith in, but what do you already trust? If you’re wondering where to go, ask yourself where you’ve always wanted to go. Remember that the ‘external world’ is symbolic. It represents things that already exist within you, and that get all of their meaning exclusively from you.

CAPRICORN — It may seem impossible to get on the same page as someone close to you, even though the mutual desire is there. The thing that must happen is an objective conversation about where everyone is at, with no thought of money, jealousy, the in-laws or, for that matter, the outlaws. The discussion had best be cool, factual and held someplace besides the bedroom. It needs to be a private space, since sensitive subject matter will come up, though it should have a neutral feeling: a quiet or closed restaurant, a hotel room, or any space where there are relatively few past impressions. This conversation must be about what is important to everyone, now. Then once that’s on the table, you discuss the potential points of agreement, and the points of departure. Once you know that, you will know exactly what to do. Remember: the future is unwritten, if you’re not bogged down in secrets.

AQUARIUS — Next week’s eclipse in your opposite sign Leo describes a total reassessment of your relationships, and your ideas about them. Every wheel is in spin, every variable is in play; though, most of all, you get an opportunity to clear the stage of your life and create something new. There’s enough energy in your environment that you’ll see the possibilities before you engage with them. Doing so is not the full activation of destiny. You get to experiment; failure to notice this is a fallacy that has a lot of momentum right now; that is, the idea that every choice is permanent; that accepting a date to coffee is a lifetime commitment. The true state of the world is transient. Once you can dance with that, you can explore some exciting possibilities, and gauge whether and in what ways they affirm your existence and your pleasures. The world is opening up for you; greet it not with fear, but with love and respect.

PISCES — Mercury retrograde in your house of relationships is like watching a movie of your entire past — recognizing that it’s an illusion of light. It has only the substance you grant to it. It’s evident that, as you assess your history, you will see the possibilities for the choices you might make. Vesta’s presence in this house is urging that you not worry about making final decisions, but rather that you hold open space for the possibilities. You have not lived out many of your most exciting potentials; you don’t even know what they are at this point. Yet you’re soon to find out, particularly if you live not for relationships but for the sake of existence itself. That always means existence now, which will flow into life as you want it to be. Notice the people who are obsessed with the past, with nostalgia, and other forms of “the way things once were.” There are plenty of them, and you need influences other than those who would choose to live using the rearview mirror as their divining oracle. The frontier ahead is far more exciting.