Planet Waves Horoscopes: August 13 – 20, 2018

By Amy Elliott


Your ruler Mars is in the process of re-entering Capricorn for the final two weeks of its retrograde phase. It’s likely that what you’ve been learning from these recent months has been woven into your consciousness gradually, one thread at a time. You may already be starting to see a pattern coalescing. Stay with it, and err on the side of seeking as much information as possible. This is a valuable opportunity to consider many things from an unusual perspective. When the tide turns around the end of the month, you’ll probably be able to put this knowledge to swift and creative use.


Nostalgia for the past is often accompanied by a hazy memory for certain details, usually the drawbacks of the era in question. Familiar things can feel safe, and you might be tempted to revisit a time when things were simpler. Yet there are reasons why you’ve moved forward, which you can call to mind if the present seems a little challenging. You’ve also changed within yourself, such that if you did somehow manage to return to the way things were, you would likely be chafing at the restraints. You’ve come far, and eventually you’ll be able to see and measure that distance clearly.


You’ve been gifted recently with a certain eloquence that’s unusual even for you. One of the ways you can make the most of that, this week, is by practicing expressing your deeper emotions as a form of sharing yourself. There are, of course, certain people in the world who would prefer not to discuss any such thing. However, there will surely be others very willing to listen; and at any rate you’ll be setting an example for everyone. Genuine vulnerability seems to be avoided these days unless it can be exploited for reality TV. You can remind people what it actually means.


Whatever you might currently be aiming for or seeking to change, you have perhaps by now caught a glimpse of how achieving that would look. With two inner planet retrogrades still in the works, meaningful progress will probably take time; but keep a hold of your vision, and have patience, and you’ll hopefully see a difference soon enough. One thing you could do in the meantime is to invest in others, whether in terms of energy, funds or moral support. There is a certain similarity between generosity in giving and openness to receiving; not that reward ought to be a motive. You can help anyway.


You’re experiencing the opportunity to see yourself as the center of your own universe. This is an important sensation for everyone to undergo, especially given the common tendency to place someone else in that seat — whether consciously or not. That is rather like handing another person your car keys and asking them to drive you wherever they want. Ultimately, putting yourself in the driver’s seat is about your freedom to express your natural gifts and character, particularly in art and spirituality, and to live honestly. The powerful light of your soul cannot in reality be hidden from the world for very long.


In the past few weeks you’ve been in company with some profound ideas, which seem to be shedding light on a rather knotty issue you’re tackling. Even if your efforts have dredged up material you’d prefer to be rid of, this is a sign of progress. At this stage you’ll want to keep going and trust that soon you’ll reach the other side. As first Mercury, then Mars, station direct, what you’ve accomplished should begin to piece together and form a picture. Be patient as you wait for the image to become recognizable. When it does, you’ll likely see that the uncertainty was worthwhile.


It would appear you’re undergoing a process of simplifying your social life. Perhaps you’re moving it away from the nebulous faux astral plane of the internet, back into the real world of phone calls and in-person meetings. You may be choosing to spend more time with honest, kindly people who are not too cool to show their appreciation of you. Either change must be to your benefit. You have no truck with fakery or illusion these days, and quite right, too. Seek out genuine, sincere people whose friendship with you has deepened, or promises to, over time. Very little else means anything.


Our culture is such as to encourage people, at least some of the time, to worry more about their self-image than actually developing or rectifying mistakes. True, it can be embarrassing to admit one is a flawed human creature after all, rather than a paragon of virtue — especially since the absolutism of the present age quite happily excoriates people for their imperfections. Yet admitting that there’s room for improvement in all of us is part of honest living. Admitting it to yourself, at least, means you can focus on the growth most crucial to you, without reference to anyone else.


You seem to be approaching the concluding stages of a project that involves significant changes in your spiritual world. As Mercury and Mars turn direct in the coming weeks, you’ll likely find you have a deeper understanding of certain truths about the cosmos, for example, or a fresh perspective on your roots. A part of all this would appear to include the existence of love as a fundamental force. The chances are you can find a practical use for at least some of this wisdom, even if that means simply passing it on to others, or expressing it in kindness or a form of service.


The sky in astrology, like the human species, is in a state of constant evolution. It’s rare that any situation remains the same for very long, and certainly not eternally. Likewise, how people feel within themselves tends to change over time also. All of this said, if you find yourself in circumstances that seem to be either longterm or consistently repeating, recognize the power you have either to make the best of things, or to make alterations that increase your comfort. If there seems to be a pattern of some kind, gather information on it. What emerges could well help you look at things differently.


Since our culture and media are packed to the rafters with romantic stories and tropes, it’s perfectly natural for us in a sense to project wishes and desires onto our prospective partners. When the person in question isn’t the same as the fantasy being we created, we can experience disillusionment and disappointment. Understanding that we do this is a part of our maturing process. Breaking that habit, or at least recognizing its existence, is a way of taking back the power of our own self-fulfillment. You’re discovering this strength within you now. Keep that knowledge in mind.


There are some concepts we cannot, at least as yet, prove the truth of, such as the existence (or non-existence) of deities. When it comes to belief, therefore, there is a lot of flexibility on such matters. Other ideas, though, have real-world applicability, which means that what you believe can affect how you might treat others, or how you go about your daily life. It helps if your approach to such matters is therefore discerning, practical and sensible. This is especially the case regarding your wellbeing and your concept of service. Know when you need to back off from daily cares, and make sure you can.

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