Planet Waves Horoscopes: August 12 – 19, 2019

By Eric Francis Coppolino

ARIES — Emphasize what is creative and social rather than what directly pertains to business. Summer is growing long, and there will be plenty of time to work when the world is darker and colder. Let in some of the warmth and sunshine in these rare days of your life. Appreciate who is near you, and notice the benefits that your circumstances afford you. It may be beyond the capacity of many people today to recognize and love the friendship and support that is around them, though for you, it’s the essence of your astrology. So, too, is your ability to bring other people into your creative ideas: in a sense, to make beauty into a social experience. Make being the distinctive person you are into an art project of its own. You are free to lift the lid off of your own beauty. That would be the perfect act of rebellion in these strange days.

TAURUS — You may feel like you’re being asked to give something up, or to sacrifice yourself, though that is a misunderstanding. Actually, you’re in a position to make something possible that would not ordinarily happen. That is a privilege and a responsibility more than an imposition. The better you do it, the more like a privilege it will feel. There are a few points to emphasize. One is that you are involved in creating space for a kind of gathering. There may be a risky or edgy feeling to what is happening — as if something daring is being attempted. You are among those who keep the process safe, like the person calmly standing there with the fire extinguisher during a fireworks display. Your home factors into events, and may be a focal point, such as for a meeting or social event of some kind. Such a gathering may represent the start of an important project.

GEMINI — A close partner or associate may decide it’s time to change their tune regarding a position they’ve taken for months. They may own up to something, or move forward with a discussion that has been veiled in silence, or decide it’s time to participate more actively. It will take some time, a month at least, to get a sense of where they’re actually coming from, and whether they’re prepared to rise to a commitment. Action will be the proof, not words. You will know for sure where someone stands in early December, when Jupiter enters Capricorn. Until then, don’t get your hopes up; rather, honor your commitments and promises to yourself, and carry your projects and ambitions forward under your own steam. If you need help with something, don’t wait — rather, actively seek the collaboration that you need. And be bold about holding people to their promises, while at the same time making sure that you keep yours.

CANCER — How much of your personal influence involves your sexuality? More than you may imagine. This is a fact of human nature, not of your life specifically, though it happens to be shining boldly through your chart at the moment. You may as well make peace with this, and make the most of it. Sexuality first involves awareness of your environment: of who is in it, how they feel, and who is relating to whom. I don’t mean this on the level of gossip, but rather on that of acknowledging the natural order of things. Most significant is how you feel. If you’re feeling good, and keep your energy moving, your life will go better. We live in pent-up times, when relaxing and letting go runs counter to the prevailing environment. One thing to track is how in your body you are, which you will know based on how you feel, or perhaps, based on whether you feel. Stay awake. Stay alert and sensitive.

LEO — The only thing more interesting than this week’s Full Moon are the aspects to the Sun when it happens. El Sol, your ruling star, is conjunct three points: Venus, Sappho and an unusual object in the Kuiper Belt called Sila-Nunam. Together, these should have you feeling excited about life, and your personal potential. They will help make you the center of some social attention, which can be portable; that is, something you take anywhere. Venus conjunct the Sun in Leo has an irresistible quality. Sappho is not just about the Isle of Lesbos; it’s about getting people together, for something real and sincere. Sila-Nunam is a point I’ve been tracking through your sign for many years, and which I think is a current keynote of Leo. I use it as a reminder to tell you that you don’t have to hold up the sky all by yourself. You have help.

VIRGO — Some days you may be full of fire and thunder, and then the smallest insecurity can make you stumble. Therefore, focus on the smaller kind of confidence rather than the greater. For example, solve problems in your home, and make tangible improvements from which you feel better. Make sure you clear out the energy of anyone you’ve decided does not belong there. Open up what may feel like a challenging discussion on any topic involving the “facts of life” — finances, sex, or commitment, for example. Know where you stand before you initiate the discussion, and be honest about your expectations. You have an opportunity for a real discussion, on much easier terms than you’re used to. What I would remind you of is the profound extent to which you seek self-knowledge in any relationship. Keep that near the front. Be real about it. Partners will appreciate you for doing so.

LIBRA — You continue to be under spectacularly amazing aspects, though I want to check in with you about whether you feel that way. I only say this from the experience of feeling under the weather during gorgeous astrology. So check in with yourself and see if you can find what’s bothering you, if something is. For everyone else: get out and among the people. Or dive into a creative project you’ve been wanting to do. Your artistic potential is as bold as your social potential. Sometimes the two are at odds: you really want to stay home or in your studio and finish that thing, and it’s a great night to go out. Try to weave that together, and make sure you get as much done as possible when the social prospects are a little boring, so you will feel better when you have the chance to go out. Also, remember how good a little progress every day makes you feel. If I recall, pretty good.

SCORPIO — This week’s Full Moon highlights the professional and reputation angle of your chart, which is Leo. The lunar event takes place in Aquarius, which is where you experience events related to your home and your security. From both angles, this lunation is reminding you how much you depend on people for your success, your grounding, and your overall wellbeing. Celebrate that fact, and let people know how much you appreciate them. Be the rare person in the professional world who does people solid favors: who helps them get ahead by introducing them to someone or inviting them to an event; who writes a recommendation rather than makes a phone call; who makes sure you are a resource and an example to younger people. You are a kind of rock star. Be the kind who gives a valuable guitar to the leader of your road crew, as a small gesture of thanks for all they do.

SAGITTARIUS — Jupiter stationed direct in your sign on Sunday. This is your reminder that it’s time to put some long-delayed plan into motion. Yet it will be crucial that you not rush, and further, that you sort through any ambiguities or problems that arise in a thoughtful, thorough and cautious way. Here is the basis of my reasoning, from an astrological perspective. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in a square to Neptune. This is a kind of high-hopes aspect, and some astrologers warn of things like bubbles bursting, motivation fizzling out, or the real goal being lost in the fog. Therefore, you’re responsible for maintaining your drive and your focus, which I suggest you do in a gentle, persistent way (more like Pisces…) rather than shooting an arrow at your goal (…and less like Sagittarius). The time will come when you have to aim your bow at the one true goal; the thing is, you probably don’t know what it is yet, and now is the time to find out.

CAPRICORN — You’re likely to feel better all of a sudden, as if some subtle pressure has been released. Your circumstances may not have changed. Your goals, actions and routines may be the same today as they were yesterday. Yet you just feel better, as if someone finally turned off their leaf blower across the street. It’s truly important to note that feeling, and to act on it by doing something you may not previously have felt good enough to do. One way this astrology may express itself is you discovering you’ve had a concern for several months, that you were not admitting to yourself. Once you admit it, you can consider it, and make decisions around it, all of which count for progress. Your astrology for the foreseeable future is about a seemingly endless litany of small decisions, and several large ones, which need to be attended to day by day. Borrowing a line from our old friend Dubya, you are the Decider-in-Chief, of your own life.

AQUARIUS — The Full Moon in your birth sign is inviting you to be as weird as you actually are. Which is not that weird, really, as Aquarius is a Saturn-ruled sign. Yet you have those ways in which you are decidedly different, and feel different. And those differences are prominent in your psyche and your personality; they are what make you who you are, and they are what you’re invited to celebrate this week. Take note, as well, if you are born with the Moon in Aquarius: this is a potentially glorious moment. I say all of this knowing society is in many ways FUBAR right now. I also say it knowing you’re sensitive to that, and also blessed with enough detachment to allow you to feel some of your good fortune, share some with others, and save some for a rainy day. Remind yourself always: You were born to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Live that truth every day.

PISCES — Jupiter, the planet from ancient astrology associated with Pisces, has changed to direct motion. Yes, this happens once a year, though this time, it’s occurring in Sagittarius, your house of professional achievement, reputation and aspiration. This will help you set in motion some long-delayed plans. (Much of what I’ve written for Sagittarius applies to you.) The thing to be cautious of is committing to a course of action before you have full information. For the next few weeks, you will need to experiment consciously, and see what works. You are persistent, and you can be driven, though for now, you want to be efficient. There will be wisdom in taking the path of least resistance — to the place you want to go. For the best route, follow the water. Walking alongside a river is a good way to avoid having to climb mountains. (The river is your emotional flow, your most exciting ideas, and the work you truly feel like doing.)