Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 9 – 16, 2018


ARIES — You don’t need to make the same mistakes twice or three times. It’s far better to make new mistakes, because this demonstrates that you’re learning from the old ones, and gives you some evidence that you’re stretching into new territory. And that new territory will be exciting, unpredictable and an adventure — just like you love your life to be. Looked at one way, the world is in a fragile state where everyone is freaked out that just about anything could happen. Looked at another way: all bets are off, the rules are suspended, reality is full of wormholes, and just about anything can lead to anything. You can, in fact, get there from here, though you will most probably end up somewhere other than where you planned. This week will bring something of a wild tour of reality and its many possibilities. Keep your schedule loose and your mind open.

TAURUS — Venus, the Taurus planet, is now in your sign, which happens for just a few weeks every year. This is an invitation to connect with your love of luxury and comfort, whether that means eating in your very favorite restaurant three times in one week, or getting a new set of bed sheets. The deeper experience is about enjoying your life without any guilt. This is not easy. We live in such a way that there’s always something more to do. It’s like owning a farm, only more abstract; since much of what we feel pressured to do can wait, or doesn’t need to happen at all. Taking pleasure in your existence, taking time for yourself (every hour counts), and granting yourself some freedom, are commitments for you. It’s the difference between your life living you, and you living your life. You may encounter how challenging this is, at the same time as a revolutionary spirit rises in your heart.

GEMINI — We have one more week of Mercury retrograde. In some ways, it will be a less ridiculous week than last, which was adorned by Mercury getting mixed up in the path of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Thankfully that whole affair only happens once, though I suggest taking careful notes on what you learned, specifically for that reason. This week comes with another type of intrigue, beginning with Mercury slowing down to its station-direct position (which occurs Sunday, April 15). While this is going on, the Sun passes through the Uranus-Eris conjunction — that once-in-a-lifetime astrological sigil of our extremely weird era in history. The Sun will align with Eris on Friday, April 13, and with Uranus on the following Wednesday, April 18. The net effect here is that we’re all going to get a concentrated revelation about what it means to be alive at this time in history.

CANCER — If you’re the kind of person who fancies yourself having a career, mission or vocation rather than just a job, this will be an exciting week. Action in the casino of life is moving fast. Several games are going on at the same time. New plans and goals are arising before you, and you’re able to set previous aspirations aside. It seems like you want to do something different, or do what you currently do in a whole new way. Either of these works — it’s your choice, and you’ll feel guided one way or the other. This is the week to push your luck, a little or a lot. Aim for something higher than you think you can achieve. Place a bet on some seemingly impossible odds. Be bold about being yourself: fly that freak flag and smile warmly at everyone who wishes they could. Then do what you want, and what you must. Make your presence known, particularly with the top dog.

LEO — You’re making a choice between the past and the future, whether you recognize it or not. This is a week of reorienting. And that means focusing on what you want. The planet involved is Venus, which has reached a balancing point with elements in your sign and your opposite sign (the lunar nodes). You have the energy of a tipping point to work with; and since the focus is Venus, that means desire. This can be a real area of conflict for many people, who don’t feel it’s their prerogative to ask for what they want. You may also feel that it’s too soon to commit, with so many parts of your life in motion, and the world in such an unkempt state. However, that has nothing to do with what you want, particularly what your life mission is. Here’s the thing about one’s true calling or vocation. It’s not subject to style. It’s an inherent part of you, if you choose to notice, and to respond.

VIRGO — Mercury is continuing to move retrograde in the region of your chart that addresses shared financial matters, contractual matters and sex. Yes, those are all in the same house, and it’s one where you tend to seek your identity (Aries and the 8th solar house). You may be feeling an odd mix of confident and edgy. You may be wishing you understood your most intimate situations better, and why you’re in them. I suggest you collect your questions, and let them stand, without trying too hard to answer them. In fact, let them multiply, as the Sun continues to move through this region of your chart, and Mercury slows down and stations direct. There is clarity coming, in the form of Chiron (a planet with deep resonance to Virgo) entering Aries on April 17. The most likely effect of that event is to take you deeper: to help you ask better questions, and to seek more relevant answers.

LIBRA — Your relationships may be hot or a hot mess at the moment. Your best role will be to see your part in everything you’re experiencing. Mercury retrograde is about to make a conjunction with Hebe, an asteroid that’s about enabling behavior and which represents the “drama triangle,” represented as a martini glass. Yes, there is such a symbol. Unraveling anything even vaguely codependent is about seeing your role in the process, and altering that first. The trap is trying to change, or even understand, someone else, apart from acknowledging what they say and what they do. So you may as well start with that. The thing is, keep it on the most basic level: don’t seek to understand motives, which is almost always a pretense; and the spiritual level need go no further than forgiveness. Your most necessary role is to live your own life, and to take care of yourself.

SCORPIO — It may be difficult for you to focus on your work these days, though you need to muster up some extra discipline and focus. You might not get as much done as you want to every day; the most important thing will be attending to one or two top priorities and making sure those happen. Be sure to evaluate in the morning when you start work, and then again with enough time at the end of the day to take action on anything you may have overlooked. Keep a schedule and make sure that you’re running 15 minutes ahead of all appointments. Then, do your best. There will definitely be some surprises at work this week; however, nearly all of them will have either the quality of setting you free from some idea or routine that you’re not interested in keeping, or jolting you into a creative solution to a problem that seemed impossible to solve. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the big stuff.

SAGITTARIUS — Few question the role that sex plays in their lives. Driven by pleasure seeking and the desire for contact, sexuality is often fraught with conflict. Its source is rarely seen for what it is — and the payback, in terms of pleasure and contact actually attained, often falls subject to the law of diminishing returns. We all deserve better than this. You deserve better than this. Your solar chart this week is a setup for a series of discoveries and revelations about your desire nature. This will tie into your creative life. For example, one question that might arise is: do your sexual relationships support you as an artist, or do they detract? Do they provide energy and inspiration, or distraction? If you’re an artist in any form, you want the partner or the lover who thinks that’s hot: who loves that you’re an actor, or the sound of you practicing bass, or that your hands are always covered in paint.

CAPRICORN –The tensions of the past week may have left their emotional mark on you, and you may be feeling a little shaky. Yet in an odd way, you’ve found some strength and built some confidence, if only you’ll tap into it. This may feel like a razor’s-edge kind of thing. The bottom line is your autonomy: your ability to assert your desire, to make decisions and overall to be real with yourself. This may cause you some insecurity on what I think of as the tribal level of Capricorn — the way you are drawn to identify with family or a group as your primary means of seeking your identity. Now that is being challenged. You may be seeing the ways that you don’t fit in. You may, at the same time, be feeling uncertain about invoking the power of making your own decisions. Yet the bottom line truth is: nobody can make your decisions for you, and you can never actually conform to someone’s expectations.

AQUARIUS — There are some deep forces at work in your life, and in your psyche. You may not have control over them, though you have some room for how you choose to respond. It does not help that everything seems to be occurring behind a scrim or a veil, where you can’t even perceive most of what’s taking place. Yet you do have the ability to perceive what’s in your own mind, as long as you’re aware of where it’s happening. It will help if you stay in contact with supportive people, particularly ones who know you intimately. Also, writing will help. It’s an activity that’s naturally introspective, and will keep your focus inward, where it needs to be.

PISCES — Mars, Saturn, Pluto and other planets moving through your 11th house of public contact and exposure may be stirring the pot for you socially. In our tribalized world, there hardly seems to be a “safe” space except among one’s own group, though even that is so heavily conditional that in the end, everyone has to go their own way — or so it would seem, where true friendship is not a factor. And that is the matter at hand. There are many false uses of the word friend, and common and accepted manifestations such as a frenemy. You don’t need any of those in your life. You have actual friends, people whose trust you’ve earned, and who have earned your trust. That is your foundation: the trust itself. The most important thing in all of this is that you be your own friend, and that you trust yourself. Then, this makes it possible to expand into the world around you from a place of fidelity and strength.

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