Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 8 – 15, 2019

By Amy Elliott


Check in carefully and frequently with your intuition this week; it’s likely you will make some discoveries pretty soon about the next phase of your journey. By now you have some idea of the person you are becoming, and the role you are beginning to grow into. A special conjunction in your sign between Vesta, an asteroid associated with devotion, and Chiron is likely to imbue you with a sense of purpose and a vision as to how you can accomplish what you seek. Go with it, and see where it takes you; and fill out the details as they emerge.


One function of dreams might be to help us process and understand what’s going on around us. Another is perhaps expressing truths we may not be willing to admit to ourselves in waking life. Either way, dreams (and intuitive leaps) can be a way of showing the truth with its mask off; without any obfuscation. If you receive information along these lines, however, be sure to verify it as far as possible, and remember that certain nuances can become lost in translation. That said, whatever is revealed to you could be something that, deep down, you already know.


In any form of relationship you have with others, trust is a crucial factor. The majority of people have, somewhere along the way, been hurt or betrayed by someone else; yet we’ve also been saved, helped or supported by our true friends and allies. Try approaching any new contacts you make with the idea that they are probably honest and sincere unless they show themselves to the contrary, and remember everyone has better and worse qualities. Cherish your established friendships, also, and let those you love best know how grateful you are for their presence.


As your responsibilities develop in your working life, it may be useful to think about how you intend to carry out your role, especially if you expect to be in any kind of authoritative position. Be prepared to listen to those who have more experience than you (though you need not take any advice as gospel). In terms of anyone you manage, make sure they know they can talk to you freely and frankly; simply hearing them can help you learn a great deal. Lastly, take up any chance to collaborate on certain projects, irrespective of whether your job involves that by definition.


Creative exploration could be seen as an act of bravery. At some stage, most forms of art and self-expression involve some sort of risk, usually when it comes time to involve an audience. Yet it’s also a natural part of personal development, and pursuing one’s calling is nothing short of vital to the soul. Therefore, whatever trepidation you might feel about following yours, do it anyway. If you stick your head above the parapet, you’ve already gained a victory, regardless of how the performance pans out. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s part of the process, and it helps you hone your skill.


Consider any turbulence you’ve lately been encountering as a little like a rainstorm that leaves a clear sky once it’s spent itself. You may already have caught glimpses of the lightening atmosphere or smelt the freshness in the air. When the clouds are fully passed over, you’ll notice you can perceive how to tackle something that’s been troubling you for a while. This will most likely require action and some dedication, though understanding improvement is possible would seem to be the first part of the battle. Take courage; and do justice to your abilities, which are more than adequate.


If there is a specific matter you need to discuss with a loved one, it’s important that you do so, and that you are properly received and heard. However, be sure to communicate your thoughts clearly and directly. Avoid any tendency to hint or add subtle digs, as opposed to being completely open. You can be sensitive to someone’s feelings without dodging the truth. Take your time and plan how best to address the issue. Notice also if you’re afraid of speaking plainly; you’ll want to understand that fully. Remember that knowledge is better than ignorance.


You are gradually learning to employ your gifts and your resources in more discerning ways, and growing ever closer to your vocation in your daily practices. Don’t worry too much if you stumble here and there. This is a learning process, which also means: try to avoid running before you can walk, or rushing into the middle of nowhere without a map. Instead, set a pace you’re confident you can keep. Meanwhile, try to maintain a careful eye on your spending: research any potential investments before committing to them, and make sure you have what you need.


When it comes to delineating and expressing your individuality, there are plenty of people who might feel they have a duty to offer you advice. Many of them will probably have something interesting to say, though that is for you to determine: your judgment is the ultimate arbiter of whether someone is cautioning you not to fly too near the Sun, or trying to clip your wings. You are under no obligation to take anyone’s word as gospel, though if you don’t listen at all, you have no way of deciding on the merits of the argument. The point is to retain your independence.


Certain past experiences or emotional responses may be resurfacing from the depths in some way, pressing you to deal with them. This might relate to a challenge you’ve avoided working through in the past. Figuring it out is going to require discipline and possibly considerable effort, though don’t be daunted, and be sure to keep hold of the gritty humor for which your sign is famed. You need to break away from the hold of certain memories; to be free to dance in the sunlight, smell the flowers and be fully involved in your continuous self-creation.


Part of why practicing conformity is such a popular sport involves the social rewards, which are plentiful and alluring to the extent that the stifling loss of one’s individuality tends to be overlooked. There can also be powerful pressure to comply, especially in the threat of being cast out. Yet you know well the necessity of expressing your uniqueness, and the emotional cost of not doing so. Gradually, you have been discovering the line over which you will not cross, no matter the temptation, and no matter the would-be encroachments of others. Hold that line for all it’s worth.


Your destiny is firmly in your hands, and where you go from here depends largely on what is important to you. What do you value most of all? What does success look like to you? You may want to treat these questions on a profound level, requiring deep and earnest thought, since you very likely have the ability to make your wishes manifest over time. It would help enormously for you to be fully aware of your various needs, desires and motives for action. That doesn’t mean judging what you feel or seeking anyone’s approval; just be transparent with yourself.