Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 30 – May 7, 2018

Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 30 – May 7, 2018

By Amy Elliott


Chiron in your sign certainly offers profound and extensive healing opportunities. Yet I appreciate that sometimes it can feel like an exacting schoolteacher, the sort who would always notice one’s errors and seemed to exist for the very purpose of doing so. Chiron has been called the ‘inconvenient benefic’, which I think describes its teaching function succinctly. With Juno now also in your sign, you might perhaps be inclined to dismiss the ‘benefic’ part of that phrase. I suggest you hold space for it, and continue to allow yourself the room to adjust. You are in fact more than capable of mastering the subject of your personal growth.



This week’s Full Moon arrives at what seems to be a pivotal moment in your identity development. You’ll soon have Uranus in your birth sign, and perhaps are already beginning to feel the seismic movements in your mental landscape. I suggest you go with the flow to an extent, and most especially don’t get caught up in what you think you know at present. This also means that you need not limit your flights of imagination. Once you’re aware of the possibilities, you’ll then have an opportunity to start afresh, to knock down anything that’s acting as a barrier, and to reshape your environment into one that works far better for you.



A change would seem to be brewing in the depths of your psyche, which as yet is probably not making itself known in your demeanor. With Venus in your sign, you’re likely to come across as your usual friendly self, with a dash of added charm. Even in yourself, you might not notice much of a difference to begin with. You may find it playing out in little ways, though, such as moments when you are simply unable to tell anything but the bare unvarnished truth, without the little finesses or hyperbole. The point of this process is to help you better stand in your power; the more you assist it actively by refusing to compromise yourself, the easier it’s likely to be.



Tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio takes place in degrees whose Sabian symbols discuss community and what that actually means. One thing many people are likely to discover in some form during the forthcoming nine years of Chiron in Aries is that when we place limits of any sort around our concept of community, we all too often end up with a clique instead. There is another option: to view the whole Earth as our collective home, and all of humanity as our brothers and sisters. This path ultimately means living honestly as your whole self, and refusing to compromise that for the sake of conformity, or for a sense of belonging. Arguably, this is a lesson we all need. Keep it close by this week.



You may be about to make progress or changes in your career. Be patient: what’s approaching may still need some simmering time; and though from your perspective all the materials may seem to be in place, the astrology suggests that some elements have yet to emerge. Be prepared also for some developments to be sudden or random-seeming. A good rule of thumb may be simply to continue doing and being your best, and keeping expectations (though not aspirations, desires or wishes) in check. Even if your environment does become a little erratic, that’s no requirement for you to be the same. One last: it may help if you keep a discreet tongue, and pay careful attention to people and events around you.



You are slowly coming to realize that there is no such thing as half measures when it comes to spirituality and the pursuit of higher ideals. That includes having the confidence to state your needs and know that you have the right to at least ask, even if the circumstances are not always optimal to meet them. Humility is a deeply important and necessary virtue in this imperfect world of ours, but it only carries you so far. There is a line we all must draw at which humility becomes a lack of self-respect. Be clear on where that is for you; and if you find you’ve been crossing it, I suggest you make a commitment to stop doing so, now and forever.



Making a commitment almost always carries a degree of uncertainty or risk, since people and circumstances change; or sometimes we don’t initially know all the facts. What at first seems like a perfectly reasonable point of agreement can eventually become a tie that chafes. Often this is a sign of personal development: we outgrow the restrictions that used to seem more like guardrails. In part, this shows that the only true security is in one’s integrity and commitment to oneself. If a contract or promise is no longer working for you, at the least you might subject it to a close review, in order to know the reasons and your potential options. Then do what you believe is right.



It’s important in relationships to be open to the possibility of change — in one’s partners or in oneself. It helps if a relationship contains sufficient space and freedom for those involved to grow on their personal path, as opposed to holding anyone back. As Uranus prepares to shake up your opposite sign, remember that one essential ingredient in all partnerships is communication. Don’t be afraid to ask when you need clarification, to state your needs, and to listen with an open heart to what loved ones are saying. Be aware when you might be carrying patterns from early life or previous experiences into the present day. We all do it from time to time; recognizing that is a sign of maturity.



For healing to really work, there often has to be a sense of discomfort; which is probably what’s behind the folk concept of medicine always tasting bad. Openings for healing can also appear suddenly and unexpectedly, which might feel disruptive, especially for anyone who thinks they don’t need it. There is nothing wrong, however, with the idea of healing being a lifelong process. Particularly in an environment where quick, easy answers are considered optimal, long-term and involved holistic work may seem unappealing. Nevertheless, it’s almost invariably worthwhile. It helps if you’re willing from the first to take in the bumps and hurdles as well as the smoother parts of the journey.



Just as most if not all of the things we do for fun, such as games or sex or messing with paints, can be turned to a higher purpose, so too can we make a career doing what we love best. This is perhaps one definition of the term ‘vocation’. It would seem you are now being called to consider this question for yourself. Is your work, as the saying goes, a daily grind? Or is it a labor of love, or self-fulfillment? You might think of it as the difference between suppression and expression. If you’re feeling at all hemmed in, there may well be something you can do about that. Make a plan, and then take one step at a time, as gently and organically as possible. You should feel your wings stretching.



You have a chance to set yourself free from the vestiges of past challenges and habits that don’t serve you — perhaps more than ever before. We all owe something to our roots, our ancestors and our early existence; these inevitably help to shape our adult selves. There’s a difference, however, between respecting that fact and allowing it to trap you in the past. A change in perspective may help you recognize when what you thought was a kind of security turns out to be a wall through which you now need to break. Take courage, and have the confidence to form and stand by your own opinions. Honor your wisdom and integrity: they are more than sufficient.



There is a contrast often upheld between the idea of justice, on the one hand, and mercy on the other. Justice in this sense relates to following the letter of the law; applying similar rules regardless of personal circumstances. Mercy represents a more thoughtful and loving approach: one might condemn or correct the error, but love and forgive the person committing it. At present, our culture is abundant with those seeking and fighting for justice, while mercy is all but forgotten; perhaps because behind it is the inherent understanding that we are all flawed, and that we are all connected. In this you have the capacity to shine, and to lead by example. Start with yourself.