Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 27 – May 4, 2020

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By Amy Elliott


When it comes to getting involved in a fierce argument, especially online, opportunities abound. Trolls, and people with nothing better to do, are busily provoking fights on every single subject under the sun. However, there is no need for you to become drawn into any of it. Your time and energy are far too valuable to waste on an endless exchange of angry words. It’s also currently possible for certain matters to blow up into something larger than their essence, with you accidentally in the middle of it all. You’d be wiser to keep a rein on your impulses, and choose your actions with deliberation and care. Remember that you can have profound and valid principles without any requirement to display them to others.


Your ruler Venus is slowing down as it approaches the spot where it will station retrograde in a few weeks. Meanwhile, on Monday, Mercury enters your sign. Both events introduce a note of caution and of pause before reaching conclusions on a serious matter. However clear something might seem, the situation warrants thoroughness and triple-checking to ensure you haven’t missed any significant elements. In particular, what might seem to be black-and-white may well prove to be nothing of the kind. Therefore, even if you’re sure you know the truth, act as if you don’t, and be open to the possibility of error. Few important issues merely involve a choice between two obvious polar opposites. The world is usually much more complex.


Mercury, your ruling planet, is about to join the Sun in the most sensitive, delicate area of your chart. Exploring this region of your life can feel like being awake in a dream landscape. Circumstances you might believe to be immovable could suddenly look very different, or something you thought barely possible appear abruptly within your reach. Often, what really changes is not the external world but your perception. Be patient with yourself as you navigate this interesting territory. Your sign being mutable does not require you to perform constant feats of mental gymnastics. Should an occurrence surprise you, take whatever time you need to adapt to it and fold it into your understanding.


One of the many gifts of Mercury is discernment. It can add a sharpness that cuts through fog and obfuscation, and its focus will now aid you in working out a specific issue among your friends, or in wider society. There’s a condition, however: dump your preconceptions. You may feel as if you’re on to what seems like the truth, yet whenever you become certain, stop and consider. It’s entirely possible that there are more veils to lift. You can do this more easily if you keep in mind your unswerving devotion to the truth, no matter what form it takes, and no matter how long you’ll need to spend unraveling all the layers. When in doubt, verify. When you think you know, verify a few extra times.


The spotlight on your professional life continues this week as Mercury enters that region of your chart. What this event describes is an opportunity for progress. However, it may not come in the form you’re expecting. You’ll want to cast your net somewhat wider, and look out for anything that seems like movement — regardless in which apparent direction. The clue that reveals all will involve a sense of instinctive relief, or of greater freedom to act like yourself, which you might not even have noticed was previously lacking. Job roles sometimes have a way of dividing people into segments, becoming a “role” indeed in the theatrical sense. The best work includes, and retains, the entire person.


Your ruler Mercury entering your 9th house, representing the higher mind, spirituality and aspiration, reminds you that you are a complex being. It may be temporarily convenient to ignore certain parts of your nature; it might feel more comfortable to squeeze yourself into a neat category, even if it feels like a tight fit. Yet eventually the part of you that’s sidelined finds a way to turn up at the party. It would be wise to embrace and welcome it before it throws in too many golden apples. In a way, this is at the core of many spiritual teachings: acknowledging the whole of you, including the bits you feel embarrassed about, helps you find your way toward oneness with all things, and thus to fulfillment.


A situation like the one currently pervading the globe is bound to provoke a variety of emotions in response, especially when it’s unprecedented. This is appropriate and usual. Whatever you might be feeling, the healthiest approach is to acknowledge it, even if you think it lacks reason or justice. You will benefit enormously from giving yourself the room to explore your reactions without turning on the judgment. Don’t feel guilty because you think someone else might be suffering more intensely than you, or because they’re in a riskier position. Everyone has to find their own means of working through this experience. Get out of your own way, take your time and trust your instincts. They will lead you right.


Amid this extraordinary moment, profound changes are sweeping through society, including within personal relationships. Mercury entering your opposite sign is urging you to forge a communication channel with a loved one, which runs in both directions. You stand to gain plenty of useful knowledge, both from opening up about your own feelings and experiencing someone’s response, and from listening carefully to others. Likewise, offering your unconditional support could be of substantial assistance to those who need it most. These are pretty intense days, with astrology to suit. Yet this also provides an unparalleled opportunity in terms of personal growth, and of creating strong, mutually helpful human connections.


Current circumstances are calling on your ability to adapt, and to treat the unknown as a chance to explore. Your charts imply that you’re likely to figure out immensely useful ways to manage the day-to-day twists and turns — perhaps you’ve already developed some thoughts. First things first: you may safely ignore anyone who shows up only to criticize or dismiss while you’re doing the work; this also means you can trust yourself. Secondly, whatever ideas you come up with will probably be of real help to those around you, so offer them freely. The proactive and practical aspects of your outlook will be particularly refreshing to loved ones. There’s certainly a lot to be said for getting on with the business at hand.


In terms of your personal development, what’s most likely to challenge you right now is a belief or mode of thought, to which you are tempted to cling at all costs. This seems to relate to underestimating your capabilities in some way. Letting go of this concept will surely release a lot of energy. Why, then, is it so difficult to dismiss? One answer might be that you’re afraid of how powerful you’ll become if you do so, or of what others could think. Forget it. This is about truth as much as efficacy, and nothing but the truth will do. Besides, you owe to yourself the confidence and reliance that this act of progress requires. It is fully warranted. Your aims have been boxed in for too long. It’s time to widen them significantly.


The focus on your 4th house continues this week, as Mercury joins the Sun and your modern ruling planet Uranus there. This region represents the past, though also the foundation for who you can become, and where you are going. If there are former occurrences you need to heal from, doing so could be viewed as an act of justice for yourself. It’s certainly no quick fix, but then substantive personal growth generally isn’t. Nevertheless, you have the perfect right to seek inward peace, and to use your gifts. Part of the route, by the way, involves digging out and gradually divesting from attachments to other people’s approval. With enough practice, you’ll learn to place yourself firmly at the center of your universe.


It is a peculiar quirk of the human species that we have the capacity for self-consciousness and to guard ourselves, to an extent, from the whims of nature. Yet humans are still (as of this writing) flesh and blood, and even the most logical of minds still harbor the emotions and the needs of flesh and blood. When developing any idea, it’s important to stay alert to this, even if you think you can set your feelings aside. They are often more resilient than can first appear, and it’s worth keeping an eye out for clues, especially in your immediate reactions to changes or events. The point is not to secede entirely from your emotions, which is impossible anyway. It’s to understand them, and by extension yourself.

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