Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 23 – 30, 2018

By Amy Elliot

Having a new planet in your sign, especially a slow mover like Chiron, can have a similar feeling to starting a job, or breaking in a pair of shoes. It requires you to stretch and wiggle and flex and possibly make the occasional misstep while you adjust to the differences. Chiron will be hanging out for nine years or thereabouts, so it’ll probably help to take things one day at a time, with frequent stops to look about and note what’s changed. The Sun’s recent move into Taurus should divert the glare of the spotlight a little, and help give you the space to make yourself at home.

Chiron has now taken up residence in the most mysterious house in your chart, kicking off a nine-year adventure into the depths of you. The Sun’s presence in your birth sign may offer a moment of valuable insight regarding what that journey might specifically mean for you. One suggestion arising from your charts is the concept that facing uncertainty head-on can eventually bolster your sense of identity, and strengthen your beliefs through refinement and challenges. This might be a good time to remember that flexibility is itself a form of power.

What is meant by the word ‘community’? Recently it’s often applied to a specific demographic, or a group that has a particular trait in common. This can help people find a sense of identity, belonging and common cause. Yet it also carries the risk of dampening our ability to see all of humanity, or all of life on Earth, as our neighborhood. Some esoteric lines of thought hold that there is an etheric web connecting everything to everything else, which strikes me as ringing profoundly true. Either way, you now have the opportunity for your concept of community to be broadened considerably.

The Sun in Taurus should bring a more relaxed atmosphere all round, which may come as something of a relief after the momentous astrology of the past few weeks. For now, I suggest you take a little time to relax where you can. Be especially kind to your physical body, and pay attention to any intuitive messages you receive. One lesson of Chiron’s move into your 10th house is likely that you must be prepared to stand apart and be answerable only to yourself; do what you think you ought to, rather than what other people believe you should. Your conscience suffices as an authority.

The word ‘ambition’ tends to call to mind worldly successes: wealth, position and prestige. It would seem, however, you’re now receiving a challenge to understand ambition in a broader sense; in particular, how it can be applied to spiritual and personal growth. Capitalism ensures it’s possible to make big material gains without reference to these more ethereal matters. Whether one can be happy doing so is another question. I suspect you’re already aware that path probably won’t work for you, and that there are forms of success better worth your efforts. In these, you can aim high.

Despite the various manifestations of organized religion, spirituality is a deeply personal part of our lives. I suspect there are in fact as many creeds as there are people, and that belief is more often than not informed by hopes, fears, passions and experience as much as by doctrine. This has the advantage of allowing for changes of heart, and for our spiritual systems to grow with our growth. The ideals you hold dear should ultimately encourage this development as opposed to fencing you in. Over the next month, you will likely discover how much this can free you.

During the next month, you may discover some new ideas about commitment in relationships. In particular, you will perhaps come to understand why a tie that initially offers security can eventually become the sort that restricts, and makes us want to burst free and run off somewhere. This isn’t inevitable — it happens because people can be uncomfortable with their partners, relatives or employees growing and changing, and try to hold them back. You know, however, that the way you’re developing is necessary and important. Do what you must, and don’t let anyone hinder you.

With the Sun in your opposite sign for the next month, there should be at least a few opportunities to enjoy a bit of romance, as well as a focus on partnerships in general. One factor I suggest you look at is how you communicate your desires, and how well you hear others. Particularly while Mercury is still picking up speed, it’s worth taking the time to be clear. In addition, you may need to be careful with time management. Plan ahead, and make sure as far as possible that it’s in your power to get away from your desk when you intend to and, most importantly, when you’ve promised to.

A big theme of Chiron in Aries overall is 
standing out, irrespective of pressure from others; for you, this may well translate to standing out creatively. You likely have the innate gift of unique expression; to some degree you can’t help but be honestly yourself. What could transpire over the next few years is a chance to bring something special into manifestation through that uniqueness. If you’re not sure what that might be, consider first what you’re passionate or curious about. With the Sun in practical Taurus, some possible first steps will no doubt soon present themselves.

It’s necessary to review the past from time to time, if only to see how far you’ve come since and to deal with any lingering issues. Over the next few years, you’ll have what looks like a kind of mini-project, the aim of which is to put some aspects of the past behind you once and for all. That doesn’t mean you have to borrow a flux capacitor and head back there. On the contrary, it’s imperative that you continue living your present life, developing and blossoming into the future. The whole point of this exercise is pretty much to ensure you can do precisely that.

This week you may go through a process of reviewing certain events and considering whether you’re doing the right thing, or have done so previously. You might be tempted or pressured to do this publicly, though I suggest you don’t yield to that. Speak with a confidant if you need to; but really this is much more about checking in with your internal compass, and adjusting your direction, if need be, for the road ahead. Remember that you are a whole person, deserving by that right alone of compassion and basic respect. You can give yourself at least that.

It would seem you have a message to disseminate — an important one, which involves something fundamental relating to who you are. Yet you may still have some refining to do. It’s likely that as Mercury picks up speed more information will appear. Pay attention to what’s happening in your immediate environment, hour by hour, and to any instinctual feelings you receive. As you assemble the full image from these pieces of data, remember to keep in mind the purpose of your mission; and when the picture is complete, you will surely know from how the threads draw neatly together.

Amy Elliot is one of Planet Waves’ other horoscope writers. Eric had to take a week off from writing the weekly Monday horoscope but will be back next week.