Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 20 – 27, 2020

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By Amy Elliott


During this peculiar phase of our history, you are increasingly aware that now is not a time to hide behind false concepts or choose to believe something because it’s convenient. Treat your honesty as your best and most vital resource, especially when you’re speaking to yourself. Current circumstances are affording you an unprecedented opportunity to understand what is real, without any decorative veils. Get used to standing in that space of complete truth, and make it yours. Wednesday’s Taurus New Moon will help you focus on what is really important to you, what needs to shift, and what no longer serves you.


The Sun has now taken up residence in your sign, and on Wednesday the New Moon will occur. Your charts describe the potential for accelerated learning: a rapid series of truths revealing themselves one after another. You’ll want to be on the watch for these, and to practice holding open your mind as a conscious act. One factor you’ll need to watch for is the narrowing influence of fear. In particular, that means fear holding back your ability to explore and to trust, wherever that is warranted, and especially in yourself. Notice your responses to whatever information emerges: this will likely give you a great deal of helpful knowledge in its own right.


Certain developments seem to have awakened old fears within you. You might think of this as a challenge you need to face so you can move forward: the knight blocking your path, offering a duel, or the lake you need to build a raft to cross. What this hurdle really consists of will be a concept you created in your head to help you in difficult former times, but which is now holding you back. The points where you meet the most stubborn resistance probably indicate areas into which you need to probe more deeply and bring to the light. Do this gently and gradually, like an archeological dig: one layer, one artifact at a time.


Wednesday’s New Moon in your 11th house suggests this is a pivotal moment for you in terms of your relationship to social groups and collective issues. That could include moving past certain elements of group consciousness, or updating your ideas on specific matters, or clearing some clutter in terms of your circle of friends and acquaintances. Regardless of how this applies to you, it is vital that any changes you make are in line with your most fundamental ethical principles, and in service to your dharmic path. Draw on the wisdom you’ve previously learned to guide you, and make your decisions carefully.


The astrological focus has now turned to your zone of career and status, with a New Moon happening Wednesday on Chiron’s discovery degree. This rare connection is a reminder that what you do is an extension of who you are. Said another way, your role in the world has complexities beyond what you draw a salary for. As many people now are discovering in some form, you are not merely your official job title, and your worth is more than just a dollar amount or a credit score. How far are you experiencing that truth in your daily life? If the answer is “not very,” consider how you might restore that balance.


Probably you have some vision of how you want your life to appear: some concept of the perfect job, relationship, home, and so on. Alternatively, there may be something specific you wish for at this time. How prepared are you to receive such a gift? Think this over carefully. For example, moving to a new location or job requires being able to let go of the familiar and enter new territory. Meeting new friends or potential lovers involves opening up to trust and intimacy, which means willingness to be vulnerable. Once you’ve ascertained what you want or need most, the next step is to start creating the room for it within yourself.


In a few weeks, your ruler Venus will station retrograde in your fellow air sign Gemini. Retrograde phases have a way of focusing attention on internal matters; that is, inside your mind. The Sun’s entrance into Taurus is an invitation to run some pre-flight checks on your emotional body, starting with how you are feeling in the moment. You can perhaps get a sense on what the upcoming retrograde means for you, and prepare the ground to help it flow as smoothly as possible. One idea that might help is not underestimating your capacity for healing and growth. You are very well able to forge your own spiritual path.


A potent New Moon this week in your opposite sign will help you explore your concepts of power relations and projection. To some degree everyone projects onto everyone else; the key is understanding when you’re doing this, though it’s also a matter of self-confidence. It’s important to recognize that you need no other person to “complete” you. You are whole in yourself, as is everyone around you. Nobody has the right to impose their framework on you; likewise, steer clear of any temptation to exert control over others due to insecurity. You have an opportunity now to address and communicate your feelings in a healthier way.


At this moment there is a collective spotlight on health issues, including hygiene practices, diet and various habits. Your charts suggest this is a good week for you to consider your own routines and whether there’s anything you would like to alter. This isn’t about self-judgment, or striving for a robotically perfect lifestyle. Rather, place the focus on taking the best possible care of yourself and of loved ones. That would include, by the way, talking to someone should you have any problems or worries, and likewise offering a receptive ear when it’s needed. There is real power in people and communities working together to care for one another.


The Sun is now in the area of your chart relating to creativity, sex and play, among other things. One theme 5th house matters tend to have in common is willingness to trust and to be open to unfamiliar experiences. Where resistance to this occurs, it’s usually driven by fear — and these are scary times for many. I’m not going to suggest you organize a Tinder hookup. Rather, what this week’s astrology is about for you involves gently enquiring into your fears, holding space for them, and finding ways to cultivate your sense of trust in spite of their presence. This week’s New Moon is the ideal backdrop for you to do precisely that.


Wednesday’s Taurus New Moon takes place in a rare contact with both your ruling planets, anticipating an event that does not culminate until next February. This is a chance for you to take stock and assess where you are heading. You may also get to deal decisively with some elements of the past that have been chafing at you rather stubbornly of late. One thing you will need to be relentless about for a while is divorcing your own material from that of others. You have plenty to occupy you without also being weighed down by someone else’s baggage. Make sure you hand it back to them — be gentle if necessary, but nevertheless be firm.


Take care not to underestimate the reach of your voice. You may well have more influence than you realize; regardless, it would be wise to measure your words carefully. Treat everything you say as if it carries a lot of weight, which will be more likely than usual just now. Make a particular point of being clear, so that you are understood: this includes stating plainly when there is uncertainty. Here’s the thing: you currently have important and unique information to convey. People need to hear this, and they will listen to you, to the extent your message could well spread beyond your expectations. Therefore, get it right the first time.

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