Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 2 – 9, 2018


ARIES — On Monday Mars and Saturn align in Capricorn, which is your 10th house of achievement, reputation and responsibility. Part of what makes this aspect so unusual is that both Mars and Saturn are well placed in Capricorn (possessing what’s known as ‘dignity’ in ancient astrology). Therefore, this points to a rare opportunity of some kind. But it will require that you go beyond a concept of yourself that says you’re only capable of so much commitment or responsibility. And you’ll need to work through certain authority issues, as you must be the one who takes charge and at the same time is able to coordinate with others who have some power. Your actual goal, as I see it described, is to accomplish something real without compromising your integrity. And the way that works out, you will need to break a few rules — and get away with it, too.

TAURUS — Venus, the planet associated with Taurus, is in your sign at the moment, which you can consider a rare blessing. In particular, the degree placement of Venus is aligned with a famous degree of the zodiac, one that has the image “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” This is about joining the “earthly” and “celestial” orders of existence; or, said another way: you’re being encouraged to define your idea of heaven on Earth. The chances are, this will be a modest vision, where at least you have your basic needs met. Yet there’s something else: being free to seek your own truth, which means declaring yourself liberated from the oppressive ideas of others that are so easy to get trapped within. If our predecessors on this Earth actually understood the nature of reality, our planet would not be in the mess that it’s currently in. Therefore, question everything.

GEMINI — How is this Mercury retrograde treating you? They’re all different. The theme of the current one, which lasts through April 15, is exploring the different ways you can present yourself in public. This can range from how you dress and what you claim you do (among the many possibilities), to something deeper, like your chosen role in your community. You’re already someone who is known for going against the grain, and doing things your own way. That’s an advantage, particularly in a world where most people are worried about standing out too much. There are other factors in your chart about standing apart, including making sure partners and loved ones know that you’re your own person. You don’t need permission, you merely need to put people on notice and then live your life your way. Anyone who loves you will endorse your freedom and your creative pursuits.

CANCER — Monday there’s an alignment of Mars and Saturn in your opposite sign Capricorn. This is likely to relate to a longstanding stuck or sluggish situation that has finally reached the point where it’s ready to move. You won’t need to apply force; just firm, gentle persistence. It’s probable that others have points that are worth taking on board. If you can do that, you may discover that people who seemed intractable in the past are now willing to be flexible, and even of service. Bring the discussion around to common ground, shared interests, and the higher principles involved. And remember that you are appreciated for what you do, and recognized for who you are. You don’t need to say that out loud; just remind yourself of something that is obvious on its face, and don’t forget it. In the event of an impasse or inability to come to an agreement, you are free to move on.

LEO — You can avoid conflict and controversy at work by taking the higher ground. Part of that will include making sure you get the job done, and that you help organize the people around you in support of this. Nothing speaks as boldly as competence, and running on time. Yet the one thing you don’t need to do is assert your authority. That would probably backfire, and there are much better approaches. Instead, use charm and charisma. Ask for anything you need. Call in favors or let people know you support their plans. Do whatever it takes to get people cooperating. While you’re on the “making things happen” patrol, if you can align current developments with a long-term plan you’ve been brewing, you could be planting the acorn that will grow into the mighty oak.

VIRGO — Anything that depends on creativity has two main properties: it will be at least a little messy, and it will change you in the process. These facts alone account for why so many people avoid actually indulging themselves in anything genuinely evocative of art. It’s considered easier to stay the same, and preferable to keep things tidy. However, that’s not what your chart is about right now. It’s all about churning things up, breaking routines, violating rules, staying up too late and actually doing something satisfying. You have plenty of discipline; that’s not an issue. What you need to allow yourself to do is have the feeling of going off the rails, and maybe risking dropping a can of paint or blowing a circuit breaker. While your chart is describing some kind of project with a creative result, this whole scenario is equally applicable to a sexual endeavor of some kind.

LIBRA — Are you done feeling safe and secure? Has this obsession gotten you — or the world, or anyone in human history — anywhere, really? You don’t need to court danger. You don’t need to take stupid risks. All you need is not to put safety and security as priorities above all others. For example, if you’re writing comedy, the goal cannot be to “not be offensive.” The goal needs to be having fun, relating an idea and entertaining your audience, which may indeed involve pissing someone off along the line. If your goal is to have a secure living space, ask yourself if you’re really free to do what you want to do there; and if you feel like you might not be, you should try it and find out. You will only feel some form of safety when you know that you’re actually willing to be who you are, and to a real extent, to do what you want to do.

SCORPIO — If you’re angry about something, find a creative way to express it. You don’t need to rage, and you don’t need to harm anyone. You’re the natural psychological master of the zodiac, and you have a dry, clever sense of humor. Those are talents you need to keep close to you at all times. At this moment, you clearly have something to say, and you want to get your point across. Start with a plain expression of the known facts. Then when it comes to interpreting them, go for understatement. You may need to work at this for a little while, and it will be worth the effort (even if it takes five rewrites over the next three days). This is likely to get you started on a new phase of expressing your ideas, and also participating in your community. You’re a natural-born spokesman for the truth, and we need you.

SAGITTARIUS — You may think you have to renovate your entire financial life, though there’s just one decision you need to make. It’s the kind of decision that provides the groundwork for many others (on the level of values). Yet if you see it as one choice and not as many, it will be easier to grasp, and easier to see with the necessary contrast that will make the choice easy. Remember that you’re in a special phase of growth where you’re arranging your life around what is truly right for you. You’ve always leaned in this direction, though you know that you need to work your way up from your bottom line. Not everyone has the strength to do this, and you may raise some eyebrows along the way. All you’re really doing is taking leadership in your own life, and providing an example for others to do the same.

CAPRICORN — On Monday there’s an alignment of Mars and Saturn in your birth sign. If you know something about astrology, you know that there’s a Mars-Saturn conjunction about once every two years. Yet it will only happen in your sign once for the next 29 years, and that day is Monday. So whatever this represents, it’s a kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or opening. The thing to remember is that Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and Saturn rules your sign. So if this is a matter of “what can one person accomplish?” you would be wise to set no limits on the possibilities. One other thing: when you truly define yourself as who you are, through your actions, you will almost surely be going against what you presume are the wishes of your family. And then, once you go your own way and do your own thing, maybe you can meet back up with them — this time as equals, on level ground.

AQUARIUS — The world is in a frightful state right now. Sometimes it seems like fear is the only emotion, and the only thing that people genuinely respect. Yet it’s not the only experience available; and when people respond from anxiety, fear or terror, that has nothing to do with respect. You seem to be undergoing a kind of initiation now, where you decide what role fear is going to have in your life. There can be no doubting that we’re all being influenced 24/7 to have panic attacks. Yet you’re intelligent enough to know that this cannot be what rules the world, or your world. Even so, you cannot ignore the problem. One thing I can assure you is that there is a better way. There is a solution. There are other approaches, and if you keep your attention focused inwardly, and observe what is happening, you will take a giant step toward that better way.

PISCES — One of the boldest statements being made by your solar chart is that it’s time to improve your income. This is not about a windfall or temporary gain; it’s about your standing in society, which is as much about participation and involvement as it is about money and resources. However, you’re at a stage of your development where you’re likely to find all of these things in the same place, in the same role, or the same activity. You’re close to breaking through a seeming barrier or obstacle — so close you may have already done it, and you don’t realize it yet. So the thing to do is to work your agenda, don’t be intimidated by anyone or anything, and proceed as if you’re already in what might seem like a new role — but is really your most natural expression of your soul’s mission.

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