Planet Waves Horoscopes: April 1 – 8, 2019

By Amy Elliott


It’s time to bring the full truth of who you are out into the light, for everyone to see. This revelation, dramatic as it sounds, might not require any sort of fanfare. In fact, it may well represent the culmination of a gradual process of evolution, in which you’ve come to recognize that you can no longer veil your power or your emotions so that others can feel unchallenged. That is progress. There is a purpose in causing discomfort, especially to those who are somewhat complacent, that could be described as sacred. What you are now discovering is along those lines.


There are times when denial has its uses, albeit as an expedient rather than a positive philosophy. To put it mildly, this is not one of those times. Your bullshit detector is currently turned up to 11, and it’s pointed right at your most private of inner sanctums, the place where you keep your raw energy and some deep secrets locked up tight; often hidden even from yourself. You are likely already sensing that this arrangement is no longer sustainable. Instead, try being completely transparent and open with yourself. You may well find this brings a palpable relief, among other benefits.


While your ruler Mercury is still working its way out of its conjunction with Neptune, you may be well advised to keep a firm grip on what is real. Mirages can sometimes appear in the unlikeliest places: they may occasionally fool most, if not all, of your senses. Fact-check everything as if your reputation depends on it; be wary of trusting any one source specifically, and try to avoid relying on any internet content as far as you can manage that. Where possible, defer reaching a firm conclusion on anything for the next week or two, however certain you may feel.


Part of making strides in the ambition and career department involves leaving behind that which no longer serves you. You don’t need to do today what you did yesterday, simply because it is the established path; be wary of maintaining rituals for their own sake. Moving forward has much in common with moving house, or with travelling: at some point during the process you have to de-clutter, so as to end up carrying with you only what you need. This may be a useful moment to clear out some items — literally, perhaps, as well as figuratively — that have become disposable.


Your philosophy of life and your aspirations have a way of being unique, and you may be about to find out how unique. Potentially, some among your contacts are encouraging you to adhere to specific beliefs, and to direct your life a certain way; yet you may realize rather suddenly in the coming days precisely where you differ from them and why. This is likely to spring from a deep place, indicating how fundamental these ideas are to your being, and to your connection with the divine principle, or with your higher self. You need not fear to stand out.


Prior to finalizing any sort of commitment, take some time to re-read the small print, and make sure you’re not signing up for something you may later regret. Confirm that your understanding of the situation is congruent with that of all others involved: that you are, so to speak, all on the same page. Meanwhile, check in with your thoughts and emotions, and make a point of knowing your own motives for acting; be entirely honest with yourself, even if you risk discovering something you’d prefer not to be true. Within a couple of weeks, everything will probably be much clearer.


If someone close to you rouses your anger — especially if you’ve recently been involved in a dispute — it may be helpful to consider carefully how you act, and what your emotional response really means. The chances are it’s something deeper than you realize, and not necessarily created by the present situation. There is enormous temptation just now to act immediately on our emotions, and to take our feelings as gospel truth, which goes far beyond a healthy reliance on one’s instinct. Take as much time as you need to figure out what is really the case.


Right now it seems you know pretty clearly where you wish to be, in terms of your current goal at least. Keep that vision close to your thoughts, and use each day to get a little closer to it. If it helps, you might even consider reviewing your progress on a daily or weekly basis, in order to help you organize and plan — though be sure anything of that sort inspires you, rather than wearing you down. Solve any challenges methodically and patiently. Ultimately, you know that what you seek is possible, and within your reach, no matter how long it takes to arrive.


Making use of your creative or imaginative abilities is one way to exercise your free will and determine your destiny. You can do this in small ways, and it would be just as valid as if you won fame or material gains through your gifts. The point is you are asserting your right to live on your own terms. If there is something you want to try doing, remember that many things worth accomplishing often don’t involve outstanding success on the first try. They tend to require ongoing commitment and daily practice; the journey thereby holds as much meaning as the destination.


Trust the original instincts you had about a specific project. If you are concerned that the effort you’ve put into it may have been to no avail, or that things appear to be turning out rather differently from what you envisioned, wait for more information before you give it up. There’s a reason you decided to place faith and resources in this work initially; you might benefit from recollecting that first train of ideas. Consider what you have accomplished so far; it is likely you’ve made more progress than you know, and that some results have yet to emerge fully.


After what you’ve experienced in recent months, it would not be astonishing if your emotional center had the approximate strength and imperviousness of titanium. This, however, does not require you to maintain a stiff upper lip if you should find yourself needing support. While that’s a useful survival strategy at times, it’s crucial to retain your ability to trust, even if that seems difficult right now. Acknowledging when you need to be vulnerable is a wise and courageous act. Everyone has the right to seek help, and to use the support available to them — including you.


Keep a handle on your self-esteem, and do everything you can to fend off challenges, whether internal or external. In particular, try to recognize when an idea you have about yourself comes from an imposed narrative that should long have been consigned to the trash. This may manifest in you taking on responsibility for other people’s expressed anger or similar emotions that are not in fact yours to own. Be careful about a response or train of thought that feels ‘right’ — it could turn out to be simply a familiar pattern wearing a different mask. For now, take every individual case on its merits.

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