Planet Waves Horoscope: June 3 – 10, 2019

By Eric Francis

ARIES — Make all of your words supportive. If you find yourself criticizing someone, dial it back, and invent a way to be wholly constructive in what you’re saying. With Mars so active in the sky right now, it would be too easy to take someone down a few notches without intending to do so. You have the power to be a positive influence on others, which will help you drive your own life in a beneficial and productive direction. The question I would ask is, are you truly engaged in what you’re doing, or are you going through the motions? The better question, though, is how do you feel when you start to make the kinds of choices that open up your experience and take you out into the wider world? How do you feel when you make any decision based entirely on your on desires, even if it’s something simple like stopping for ice cream on the way home from work? If you feel any guilt at all, note it carefully — and remember it’s neither necessary nor helpful.

TAURUS — You’re a person of considerable resources, though you’re not likely to feel that way unless you put them to work. By resources, I mean everything from your pots and pans to your personal talents and abilities to whatever wealth you’ve accumulated, no matter now modest. For our purposes, they all count equally. They are all part of your workbench, your toolbox, your bag of tricks. One key to success in life is knowing which tool or resource to use at which time. For some circumstances, your labor gets the job done. Other times, your ideas get the job done. Then there are days when you give someone your jumper cables as a gift because you’re in a hurry and they need to get their car started. One does not need to be among the rich, the mighty and the one percent to make the world a better place; in fact, you’re much better positioned as someone of ordinary means, a loving heart and sincere generosity.

GEMINI — When you can, stick with people through the whole process of whatever you might be assisting them with. Offer any support you can, whether it’s verbal or financial. You will have many opportunities to engage with others, notably, in a time when we’re being taught to avoid and mistrust one another. Be aware that to offer a positive influence comes with some vulnerability. You have to open up in order to be helpful, which is probably why it’s not as popular as it might otherwise be. We tend to grow to love whatever we take care of, whether it’s a person, a plant, an animal or a project. Pay attention to any mixed feelings you might have, and see if you can work them out. It’s not healthy for you to both love and hate, or want to help and harm, or admire and want to compete. Others have far less power over you than you may imagine, though their influence will seem exaggerated if you give up your own. Whatever you are doing, you’re living your life, not that of anyone else.

CANCER — Your inner reality is quite different from what you’re letting others perceive about you. It’s as if you’re living in two worlds at once — one that you experience inwardly, and one that you see and express outwardly. Yet your inner realm is the filter for everything you see and hear in the world around you. Therefore, pay attention to yourself first. Notice how you’re feeling, and pay attention to what kinds of pressures you seem to be under from day to day. Your chart is set up in an unusual pattern now, which is giving you the ability to push back on your environment in ways that are often out of reach for you. You’re in a position to have an impact, though it will help if you moderate your energy carefully, and think for the long run rather than a short-term gain. There will be moments when you will feel called to assert yourself; if you do, press gently, like you’re doing acupressure: direct, with awareness, and just enough emphasis.

LEO — These could be some of the most interesting days of the season for you socially, as Gemini’s New Moon on Monday calls you out into the world and among the people. The planets describe you as someone who is curious about life and seeking new experiences and adventures. Therefore, get off your street, get out of town, go someplace new, and be among people you’ve never met. Yet at the same time, your solar chart has a pensive quality to it, as if you’re expecting some kind of confrontation or conflict to develop. It’s possible, though before it’s inevitable, you have a series of interventions you can take that will turn matters in a positive and fruitful direction. These opportunities will not be as dramatic or as blatant as throwing down or creating a standoff, but who needs that? You don’t have to agree with everyone you meet, though you can have fun disagreeing in an engaging way. Use your abundant charm and sense of humor to draw people out of their shells.

VIRGO — Certain factors in your environment are creating a distortion that you need to be aware of. While it’s tempting, it’s not possible to take everyone and everything at face value. You must be discerning about who you trust and why, and for what purpose. It will be helpful and even essential that you not come to snap judgments about people or situations, and instead, allow the layers to come off or the fog to clear. Most people go through life making one assumption after the next, to a degree where it’s not even conscious. You may be planning some bold moves, particularly where your professional life is concerned; you’re being called to bigger and better things, and more ambitious achievements. As you respond to these influences, you will need to be careful that you’re really understanding the conditions of your surroundings. Do not guess, and know when you’re doing so. If you catch yourself speculating, dial that back and look for tangible facts that both support and subtract from your point of view. Be open to new information and new approaches.

LIBRA — Know what you’re taking on faith, and what you are taking based on the facts. This should be a hotter topic than it is these days, as half the world seems to be walking around in a fog of superstition and wishful thinking. You have important decisions to make, and both you and others are counting on your leadership. If you want to make good choices, you cannot afford to guess, to speculate, or to hope for the best — you need to know exactly what you’re doing and why. You need to tap abilities other than emotional instincts to govern your life, and to guide the people around you. You surely have those resources, though you need to access them consciously. It would help if you were more methodical in your decision making. For example, know the steps you need to take to arrive at a confidence level about any particular issue. That might include having certain reliable people you check in with; doing a web search on the topic, in a setting where you have space and time to organize your thoughts (i.e., not from a phone in an Uber); and stopping long enough to ponder a question from a few different points of view.

SCORPIO — Your relationships have been anything but stable lately, though you may not be fully aware of the benefits this is offering you. One of the more insidious problems of the way we’re conditioned to relate to one another involves having to be the same person every day, so that you don’t scupper the expectations of others. This tends to place people into roles, and if they digress, friends and partners are entitled to get upset because someone is “not being themselves.” Uranus moving through your relationship house is an ongoing shakeup, making both roles and expectations not just useless but destructive. In fact, every day is different. Every hour is different. People are constantly changing. Relationships and agreements are being negotiated ongoing. Give people room to evolve, explore, and present themselves to you as they are. Take the space to do the same thing. Follow your attractions and your curiosity. Be bold about asking yourself challenging questions and taking the adventure of finding even better questions.

SAGITTARIUS — You may feel as if someone is trying to reduce an important concept you have to an oversimplified statement. The question is whether there is a seed of perceptiveness or even truth to that statement. An even better question is whether someone else’s idea gets you thinking, and spurs additional reflection. It helps greatly if you’re not attached to your ideas, but rather see them as water in a stream, with ripples that add interest but which are also transient and temporary. It’s too easy to graft yourself to one concept or outlook to the exclusion of all others. The search for truth is in part about discovering what is not true, and also seeing parallels from another perspective — as the Deadhead J.J.H. put it, spiritual truth is about the many shores of one lake. Therefore, keep your point of view moving. Be bold about going deeper into the ideas of another person, and seeing where you come out on the other side. Very little in life is ever proven, and from our point of view, in bodies traveling in space and time, reality forever changes.

CAPRICORN — Keep yourself busy with important practical matters. There are plenty that you want to attend to, and with Gemini so active in the sky right now, it will be easy to get distracted. Therefore, set your priorities carefully, and take care of the most important ones first — those that are time sensitive, those that are more complex, those with greater impact on your life. If you find yourself getting distracted or caught in a bog, in delays or drifting aimlessly, stop and re-evaluate. Be sensitive to these mental conditions, and wake yourself up sooner rather than later. Your solar chart has a solid and dense quality at the moment, which may be reflected in your consciousness. And when your mind gets like that, you tend to escape into idle thoughts and fantasies. This may seem creative, but it’s the opposite of true creativity, which is an energy source harnessed and connected to something that changes the world a little. Keep your awareness on that linkage. Know when your vehicle is in gear and when it is in neutral.

AQUARIUS — Most of the action in your chart is in the 12th house — and the combination of factors (Saturn, Pluto, the Moon’s south node and the 12th) can add up to unseen and unconscious forces running your life. The whole issue with the 12th is that what’s happening there can be so easily dismissed, denied or ignored, if it’s even noticed at all. Monday’s Gemini New Moon takes place in an angle of your chart that’s almost as intriguing — the 5th house, which has many parallels to the 12th. Think of your life as a test. You express yourself, and then see what happens. You say something, and notice how people respond. You take a chance, and notice the results. Think of these things as experiments. Try not to be expecting of, or attached to, the results. You may feel like you’re under a lot of pressure right now, though most of that sensation is coming from the density level of your consciousness. Density equates with negativity, fear, and the expectation of bad outcomes. Expand your awareness and you will see more possibilities, and you will understand your particular place in the flow of events.

PISCES — For the coming week, place your emphasis on improving your home. Organize your space, take care of what needs maintenance or repair, and purge yourself of what you don’t really need. Let this be a creative task. I know Marie Kondo and other schools of decluttering are all the rage right now. My impression is that Ms. Kondo is onto something when she says to keep what gives your heart joy and pass on the rest. Doing this is an experiment on two levels, the first of which is your own sensitivity. The second is using that sensitivity to move toward a goal, objective or purpose that you want. You are going to be doing a lot of questioning along these lines, and you can develop and refine your methods on seemingly small matters and then move on to the more encompassing ones. Your movement through the universe is propelled by the decisions you make, and in that regard they are all the same thing. The important thing is less the topic of the decisions and more your basis for making it. Start with one drawer or one closet.