Planet Waves Horoscope for July 2015


By Eric Francis


You’re at your most romantic, and your most imaginative. That sets you apart, and you know it. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your fun. In fact I suggest you become a subversive and lure people into your idea of a good time, because it’s gonna be really good. If you’re an artist or even vaguely creative, you’re on fire this month.


If you’ve been wanting to make improvements to your home, this is the month. You will astound yourself with your creativity, sense of style and your ability to economize. Having a beautiful home, a place where you’re truly comfortable, will do wonders for your confidence at work. At the moment, that’s all about how good you feel, so do what it takes to feel good.


You have the power of words this month — and quite a power it is. Both your speech and your writing will be eloquent, passionate and most of all, compelling. Therefore, use this tool to your advantage and that of the people you work for. You’re good at this nearly all the time but now you are a force to rival the great poets.


You have so much to offer, and the more generous you are, the wealthier you will feel. By wealth, I mean that you have many resources available at the moment, along with some unusual earning power. This quality will serve as a magnet for good things, though you will greatly enhance your experience of life by sharing with others, beginning with your love and wisdom.


With Venus and Jupiter joining forces in your sign, you’re at the height of your charm and charisma. What are you doing to do with it? Experiment with a plan you’ve wanted to try for a while. You’ve been waiting for the right time, and now it is as good as it gets. Assert yourself and your ideas and you will make a splash.


It’s as if you have guardian angels working for you, but don’t tempt fate. Rather, do the right thing and know that you will be supported and your efforts will bear fruit. You may be called upon to take leadership. You may be the bearer of a message. In any event, you may need to make yourself visible — and you will shine.


Every now and then there’s a moment when you light up every room you enter, in some truly unusual way. You’ll have many such days this month, and you must use that gift well. Accept every invitation, though I suggest you take the initiative and host an event of your own. Make it special. Set a theme and invite the world.


Take charge. I don’t mean kind-of-sort-of take charge, I mean go all the way. People see you as a mix of bold, beautiful and intelligent, and they will do what you ask them to do. Others have total confidence in you, though this seems to be for some long-awaited purpose, to get a nearly impossible result. You can and you will.


You may feel some pressure ease off this month. Yet at the same time, you’re being drawn more deeply into yourself than you have been in quite a while. Follow that inward direction and you will make some significant discoveries about who you are and what you want. Far from being an inconvenience, this is a rare opportunity, which if you honor it will produce equally unusual results.


You have the ability to see around corners and through walls. I am speaking metaphorically, though in fact you will be privy to information, and are likely to have some hunches that could qualify as spooky. Use that information carefully. You must seek some confirmation of your ideas by worldly means, though there may be one occasion where you will take an authentic leap of faith. Trust yourself.


You’re in a phase where you’re revisiting what you didn’t complete in the past — and I suggest you take every opportunity to tidy up whatever that might be. There’s likely to be a professional matter that you can now button up with a few weeks of focus. Do that and you’ll be able to proceed boldly into the new territory you’ve been craving for so long.


Despite so much activity, your mind is a clear window with a view. You can see yourself and others honestly, and this will build your confidence. Continue your project of making brave moves. You want to choose the most creative path, which for you is the most practical as well. This is something that might only work for a Pisces, though it will definitely work for you.

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