Planet Wave Horoscopes: March 27 – April 3, 2017

Planet Wave Horoscopes: March 27 – April 3, 2017

By Eric Francis Coppolino


ARIES — Monday’s New Moon in your sign is a turning point. It’s as if you can finally set yourself free of the emotional mire that you’ve been wading through the past month or two. You’ll move forward without much need to look back, though I would propose one question before doing so: who were you trying to impress? Can you identify a psychological motive beneath that impulse? Look in the direction of your father, who might turn up in any male figure currently populating your life. You don’t need to impress anyone, though don’t pretend that the need is not in you. Be real with yourself and you’ll unravel this quickly. The main thing that holds people back from embracing the future is being snagged in the past. Being honest with yourself is the way to unravel that. You can do it, but it seems that more than anything, you want to do it.


TAURUS — There’s so much going on in the recesses of your mind. Taurus is one of the most restless signs of the zodiac, and this is an especially restless moment for you. You need to express this energy, and Mars in your sign is saying to work it out physically. That can include climbing mountains, walking, gardening, going to the gym, splitting wood, yoga, sex, or anything that gets you to express yourself in the physical world. This will work even better for you than it usually does, because there’s a direct connection between what you have going on in the deep recesses of your mind (mental, psychic and emotional movement) and processing those feelings through your body. The one thing not to do is judge whatever turns up. Right now there’s no bad or good. For your purposes, it’s all the same: a feeling is a feeling.


GEMINI — This has been a particularly wild couple of months, leading into a wild past week. Now would be a good time to slow down and begin a review process. Work from the most recent interesting development (which looks like it was over the weekend) and trace your way back to the beginning of the year. Pay attention to what happened, but also notice how you responded to what happened at the time, and how you feel about it now. The difference will be striking. One thing we can say with reasonable certainty is that this year has done wonders for your confidence. For some reason it’s easier to be you, however that manifests, especially around other people. You no longer have the need to feel self-conscious, but there’s something else. You’ve settled into yourself. You no longer have ‘an image’ and ‘a real you’. Somehow you’ve woven yourself together into one seamless being. Now keep practicing that and get stronger and stronger at it.


CANCER — Recent weeks have arrived with some unexpected professional developments: improvements in your status, your pay grade and your sense of mission. There may have been some surreal moments scattered in. Yet you might be wondering if they’re really real: if these are lasting changes, or whether you’ll be back to the same-old. Monday’s New Moon in your career and reputation angle will be reassuring. There’s no going back from here. You will suddenly see everything that’s happened in its context, and it will make sense. The thing to do now is to build from here. However, rather than building upward — that is, being aspirational, reaching for new achievements or more visibility — build downward. Take care of your home. Feather your nest, including your sleeping area, tidying up your wardrobe and upgrading everything you can when it comes to food. You’ve accomplished quite enough for the moment: now’s the time to enjoy what you’ve created.


LEO — Hold to a steady course. Whatever revelations came out over the weekend, or whatever challenged your beliefs, or showed you some amazing new potential, hold steady. Persist in what you’re doing. Don’t be distracted by any bright, shiny objects, or by any notion that you could be doing something more glamorous. You certainly could be. It would also be less meaningful. Yet the road you’re currently on encompasses many of the possibilities that you want but don’t see yourself having available now. Indeed, it does so in much better ways, more solid, more dependable and based on your integrity. That’s the thing to keep your mind on: doing the right thing for the right reason. Regarding a question of shared finances, the planets advise to stick to your plans for all these same reasons. Don’t be lured by any promise of seemingly easy money. You have more honorable motives.


VIRGO — However you think you did in the last round of financial negotiations, persist in your mission for an equitable arrangement. Such is possible, without too much compromise. You like your affairs to be stable, though more to the point, you like to believe that other people are comprehensible and fair-minded. Sadly, this is not always the case, though you’ve learned something recently that will give you an edge or an advantage. Where money matters are concerned, it’s not who you know — it’s what you know. But you must think strategically and understand the agenda of whomever you’re dealing with. You have something of value, and everyone knows it. So, be smart, be gentle and, most of all, be persuasive. Stick to the facts, and a little psychology.


LIBRA — You may be trying really, really hard to figure someone out. Don’t put so much effort into it. You’re trying to understand someone’s internal logic using your notion of what’s sensible. All you need to do is translate the universe into their point of view.  They make perfect sense to themselves, from where they’re coming from, and all you have to do is figure out where that is and what they have on their mind. Think of it as a puzzle. Imagine you’re a novelist and this person is a perplexing character in your book and you just have to understand them. Alternatively, you could just live with the mystery for a while, as long as you remember not to take it personally. It’s not personal, meaning that whatever they have going on is not about you. That alone should help set you free.


SCORPIO — Do what you can to settle your nerves and get some rest. Your chart has been electrifying lately, like you wrote a novel or shot a movie over the weekend. Now you need some relaxation, some comfort food and an Epsom salt bath and you’ll be ready to take on the world once again. This is going to be a big few months where your professional life is concerned. But the planets are cautioning you to keep yourself in balance so that you can be maximally effective. You might declare that your primary goal is to not burn out, which means ratcheting back your social ambitions one or two clicks. You absolutely must feed your creativity with recreation; but make sure that it’s the nourishing kind, with intelligent people rather than those who drain you. Pace yourself, pace your work, and take care of yourself like you’re a prized racehorse.


SAGITTARIUS — Please remember what inspired you and filled you with creative light over the past week or so, particularly the past weekend. Do everything you can to keep those ideas and, in particular, that feeling in your heart and mind. Creative ideas on the level you’ve been experiencing them are often fleeting. But if you get busy now, and let nothing stop you, you will engage the process of manifesting your vision. A rare alignment involving many factors — including the Galactic Core (rarely used by astrologers) — reveals that what you do now can plant the seeds of creation and quality of life for years to come. Indeed, you may have already reached the turning point you’ve wanted to find for so long, though you won’t know unless you actively cultivate your ideas and weave your dreams.


CAPRICORN — You may not be getting outer results; for example, as obvious career advances or opportunities. Yet you are indeed making progress, building your talent and, most of all, becoming the person you have aspired to be. Focus your growth inwardly for now. Don’t worry about whether you’re recognized for what you do. Rather, recognize and invest in your own talent and your own potential. Do what you do with a focus on quality and integrity. Strive to be a master of your particular craft on the level of your own competence. Before long, you will get the recognition you deserve; and when that time comes, it’s essential that you be confident in yourself. Trusting your abilities has nothing to do with pretending, or with how you’re perceived. It’s an inner state of being that you can indeed attain.


AQUARIUS — There’s such a thing as faith. Before I try to define it, let’s agree that it has nothing to do with hope. It has nothing to do with belief. It’s not about proof, or assurance in any form. It’s not about being cocky or self-assured. Faith is a state of mind where you connect to your actual potential, with a calm, subtle certainty. As such, it transcends doubt. Indeed, it’s a state where doubt is reduced to a meek whisper, if it exists at all. And from there, you proceed with doing what you know you need to do, or genuinely want to do. Being clear in your priorities helps a lot. That’s not easy in this world of so many distractions and so many options, most of which are false roads. You can, therefore, start by asking yourself what genuinely matters the most to you, and letting that one thing be your guide.


PISCES — Monday’s New Moon takes place in the financial sector of your chart. This happens just once a year, and now is the time. Over the past few weeks, you’ve had many experiences that have each taught you something about money and how to handle it. You may feel like you’ve been winning, or like you’ve been making mistakes, or perhaps a little of both. The important thing is that you be fully conscious of what you’ve learned and really get that into your mind and your body. In the world as it is today, the most important single fact about earning a living is knowing your function and fulfilling it. Initially, financial results may have no part in the discussion: being true to your calling is first and foremost. From there, it’s easier to see where you have a value to others. Be clear about one thing: ideally, your goal is to have others benefit from what you do as much as you do.