Plan It High River Focused on Supporting Community-led Events


HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town of High River has implemented the Plan It High River project as an initiative to support community groups in planning and executing existing and new events. 

“The outcomes from the project will be a new set of tools, processes and best practices that event planners and community groups can use to create seamless events that generate more revenue and enhance the spirit of the community,” said Joan Botkin, Communications Manager for the Town.    

With funding from the Calgary Foundation, the Town has contracted Breakthrough Communications, led by Kelly Hyde, with her team of Jennifer James, Lisa Schubert and John Ferguson, to work directly with community groups to identify their needs and develop useful strategies to support their efforts. 

“We are excited to be able to meet with the hardworking volunteers and groups who are engaged in planning events for High River,” said Hyde. “This is a really innovative project that will increase the ability for anyone to be able to take an event from an idea to reality, successfully.” 

The team’s main goal will be to gather ideas and feedback from local event planning groups, stakeholders and residents and then create an integrated and sustainable approach to delivering new and existing community events in High River.  

“Currently there are almost 100 events listed on the Town of High River’s calendar, which is substantial for a community of this size,” said Hyde. “By coordinating, improving execution, increasing capacity and developing partnerships for events, significant savings in time, human resources and money could be realized by both event organizers and Town employees.” 

The project will not only assist event planners and community groups, it will also help to develop long-term economic sustainability for businesses and the overall community. 

If you are an event planner or community group who hosts events or own a business and would like to find out how better to leverage the activities happening in High River, please visit and watch for future updates regarding how this project may assist you.