Pipeline Pressure on Small Business

With decision on TMX expansion expected today, new CFIB report highlights entrepreneurs’ perspective about Alberta’s resource industry

“Business owners across Alberta have their fingers and toes crossed that the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project gets approved tomorrow.  They know full well the oil and gas sector is still what primes the pump of our economy. They also know first-hand how the adverse effects from an ailing oil and gas industry and delays in resource development projects are magnified for entrepreneurs, since their very livelihoods depends on a robust economy,” says Richard Truscott, Vice-President, Alberta and BC.

The key results in the report are:

  • 91 per cent of business owners in Alberta agree the health of province’s oil and gas sector is important to their business (5 per cent disagree, 4 per cent don’t know/unsure);
  • 80 per cent agree regulatory delays on major pipeline projects are hurting their business (9 per cent disagree, 11 per cent don’t know/unsure); and
  • Only 15 per cent agree the rest of Canada understands the importance of national projects to get natural resources to market (75 per cent disagree, 10 per cent don’t know/unsure). 

“When more than three-quarters of Alberta’s entrepreneurs say the rest of Canada doesn’t understand the importance of national pipeline projects, it should be of grave concern to us all. It is critical for governments at all levels work to together to better educate Canadians on the importance of responsible resource development,” concludes Truscott.

About CFIB:
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