Pilots and Parachutists Picnic in George Lane Park

Pilots and Parachutes Picnic in the park 1
Photo by Cathy Couey, Councillor

There was a good turnout in George Lane Park on July 22nd to meet the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, CF18 Hornet and SkyHawks parachute demonstration teams.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass and Foothills MD Reeve Larry Spilak were given mementos of the visit.

The Snowbirds presented a special Canadian flag to the town, one of nine that flew with them (one in each plane) over Parliament Hill on Canada Day. It was signed by the pilots and crew as well as Commander Chris Hadfield, Canada’s own singing spaceman.

High River is the first community in the country to receive one of the special flags. The day the flags were being flown over Ottawa was the same day George Lane Park was reopened to the public after last year’s flood.

(Photo from Mayor Snodgrass - Facebook)
(Photo from Mayor Snodgrass – Facebook)