Longview Re-branding Committee Looking at Changing Beloved Logo

“Longview residents are being ignored as to what we want for our logo. We will not stand idly by and watch more history be thrown aside. If you are in support, please stop by the white board on our fence, (Longview Drive) and sign, Names will be recorded to show your support. No more decisions made by few forced upon many! (Marker is on shelf under sign) Great to see a few signatures added already Thanks to those who make their opinion known as most of us have never been asked about the brand nor the logo by the Branding committee. Time to speak is NOW.

Just letting you know that the first batch of names has been recorded and there is now space on the sign in support of Longview’s Logo. At this point in time anyone can sign in support (visitors and non-residents). The sign is on a fence on Longview Drive before the park!! Keep Our LOGO – take a minute and make your voice known.”

– Chey Kroeker (Facebook)

If you aren’t in Longview to sign in person please go to the post on the Rant and Rave….Longview, AB Facebook page and ask to have your name included.