Pet Adoption: Why Should I Adopt a Bonded Pair?

Occasionally we receive a bonded pair at the shelter. This happens when two animals have an inseparable bond and it is best that they are adopted into the same home. Bonded pairs provide each other with comfort, companionship, and confidence, especially in an unknown situation like a new environment. Separating a bonded pair may cause unnecessary anxiety in an already stressful situation.

Adopting a bonded pair often doesn’t mean twice the work. Sure, it might mean two food and water bowls or twice the litter changes, but a bonded pair usually means less overall effort for the owner. The bonded animals entertain themselves and keep each other company when you’re away from home, leading to less boredom or separation anxiety which can sometimes result in things like chewed furniture, ripped pillows, or other messes that would definitely be a lot of work to clean up!

Other reasons to adopt a bonded pair include:

  • When pets are happy, owners are happy. Bonded pets often don’t have the same issues that single pets might have, which could include separation anxiety.
  • If you know you eventually want two animals, adopting a bonded pair means you won’t have to go through the introduction process, or risk that your chosen pets won’t get along. Your bonded pair already love each other!
  • Studies have shown that animals with close relationships to other animals can live longer, healthier lives.
  • Adopting two animals means two pets get to leave the shelter! Bonded pairs can be more difficult to place in a home as not everyone is open to adopting more than one animal. If you’re interested in a bonded pair, we’ll work with you to make sure it is a good match for your family and lifestyle.

Adopting a bonded pair is a rewarding experience for their new owners and extremely beneficial to the bonded animals. By allowing them to stay with their companions, you’re ensuring they have the best chance at being happy and healthy in their new environment. It is not without its challenges, however, as bonded pairs may resource guard or be aggressive towards other animals that are not their companion. Our Behaviour Helpline can assist with any behavioural issues that may arise in these situations.

We currently have a bonded pair of dogs – Maya and Sammy – looking for a new home! If you’d like to learn more about them, please click ‘Adopt’ at the top of this page or phone our Adoptions department at 403-205-4455.