Peak Visits Sheldon Kennedy Advocacy Centre


Peak Students_Sheldon KennedyGrade 8 and 9 students in FSD’s Peak Athletics Hockey Program at École Okotoks Junior High School paid a visit to the Centre in north west Calgary on June 12th – an opportunity created through a partnership with Mindful Athletics over the past two years. The boys were greeted by former NHL player and abuse survivor Sheldon Kennedy and a number of other staff. The boys viewed a presentation and video on Sheldon’s story and then toured the facility. During their visit the boys learned about the services the Centre provides for youth and their families who have been impacted by abuse. Sheldon was there for the entire three-hour visit and answered any and all of the boys’ questions throughout. This was an experience the students won’t soon forget. Thanks to Sheldon Kennedy and his staff, and Mindful Athletics for making this amazing opportunity possible for Peak students!