PCs Vote Down Wildrose Motion to Reduce MLA And Cabinet Pay: Strankman


EDMONTON, AB – The PCs proved they aren’t interested in saving money for taxpayers or cutting wasteful spending by rejecting a Wildrose motion to reduce MLA and cabinet minister pay, Wildrose MLA Rick Strankman said.

On Wednesday, in Members’ Services Committee, the PCs rejected a Wildrose motion to reduce MLA pay by 8 per cent, to the level it was in 2012. The motion would also have reduced cabinet minister pay by 30 per cent, which was equivalent to the raise they gave themselves in 2008. Strankman said Alberta MLAs and cabinet ministers are among the highest paid in the country, and the five per cent MLA pay reduction the PCs are supporting simply won’t cut it in these tough economic times.

“Albertans deserve real leadership from their elected representatives during these tough fiscal times, but today, they got political posturing from an entitled, out-of-touch government,” Strankman said. “The motion Wildrose proposed on MLA and cabinet minister pay is a real cost-saving measure for taxpayers that shows a true commitment to change, but the PCs proved today they simply cannot part with the unparalleled perks and privileges of elected office under a PC government.”

Wildrose also proposed a motion to cut MLA conference travel and a motion requiring MLAs to be accountable for the mileage they charge taxpayers on their vehicles. Strankman said both motions were rejected by the PC-dominated committee, showing that the PCs really aren’t serious about new management.

“You’d think common-sense measures like cutting MLA travel or simply asking MLAs to be accountable for the mileage they expense on their vehicles would be easy decisions, but even in these tough fiscal times, the PCs aren’t truly showing Albertans the respect they deserve,” Strankman said.