PCs Continue to Fail on Red Tape Reduction


EDMONTON, AB – The PC government must take immediate action to reduce red tape after an embarrassing new report suggests Alberta is one of the worst province’s in Canada to do business in when it comes to overregulation, Wildrose Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour, Critic Rick Strankman said.

In its annual red tape report, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) gave Alberta a dismal D rating. Only two other provinces received a worse score. There has been little to no reasonable improvement in the red tape ratings since 2011, where Alberta scored an F rating.

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
F D D+ D D

“During a time of economic uncertainty, we need to give our businesses the tools they need to succeed, not drag them down in layers of red tape,” Strankman said. “Alberta has always been a place where you can work hard and succeed in business, but year by year the government continues to chip away at the old Alberta Advantage with constant delays in getting meaningful work completed.”

Strankman said the province should immediately implement measures to track and control red tape levels in Alberta, as evidence shows provinces that do this fare better.

“British Columbia got an A rating because they keep track and show that they are interested in having small business prosper,” Strankman said. “The easier it is for people to invest, the more we increase revenues and create jobs. We’re falling behind the rest of the country because this government isn’t doing enough to create a climate that supports business and entrepreneurship, and that needs to change.”