PC Government Tries to Shut Down Wildrose on Legislature Grounds


EDMONTON, AB (April 9, 2015): Arms of the PC government are attempting to block the Wildrose from making a campaign announcement at the same public space the NDP made an announcement at last Tuesday, in a prime example of the politicization of the civil service, the Wildrose said today.

Wildrose attempted to do a media announcement today at the site of the Federal Building in Edmonton Thursday. The party was told they could not hold their media event at this site on the orders of government officials. The NDP launched their campaign at this same site.

Wildrose Spokesperson Matt Solberg said this is a perfect example of why Alberta needs the bold, positive change Wildrose is offering.

“The PCs have politicized the civil service to a very troubling degree and this is a prime example,” Solberg said. “We have every right to use this space and there is a precedent here that the PCs are ignoring out of their own self-interest. This is wrong.”

Solberg said the PCs are resorting to desperate tactics, after the Wildrose released a strong vision for Alberta’s future.

“Wildrose is the only party with a plan to balance the budget without raising taxes or harming front line services,” Solberg said. “I understand why the PCs are nervous but they should focus on improving their party’s plan instead of bullying civil servants.”