PC Government Misleading Albertans About Schools


Alberta Party Candidate Says the PC Government is lying to Albertans in style

Davisburg, AB – March 31, 2015 – The PC Government continues to mislead Albertans on the progress of schools construction and modernization, and now they’ve wasted more taxpayer resources to do it, according to Alberta Party Candidate Joel Windsor.

“Not only are they lying to Albertans, they’re doing it in style,” said Windsor.

Alberta Party - PC School promise
Davisburg School site – Field of Dreams

On Tuesday the PC Government, in a release titled “School construction promise fulfilled”, introduced a new interactive website that shows all the promised school projects.

However, when you look up the promised Davisburg building, even though the status of the project is “Construction”, there is no photo provided.

“I could provide the government with a photo that I shared on my website recently. It’s still an empty field. If sod has been turned, there’s no evidence of it,” said Windsor.

Windsor says that not only is it a broken promise, now the government is blatantly lying to Albertans about it.

“By saying their promise is fulfilled, they are grossly misleading Albertans. Thankfully, Albertans are smart enough to tell when the government is pointing out an empty field and calling it a school.”

The new website permits users to click on an interactive map to view details about each promised project, however Windsor says not only is the data inaccurate, but to make a completely separate website on the topic is wasteful, and Albertans should be upset.

“Like the $100,000 pre-budget speech Prentice made last week, which was completely unnecessary, the PC Government is spending taxpayer dollars to campaign before the election is announced,” said Windsor.

“They’re using Albertans’ money to buy their votes with flashy websites filled with lies. It’s a truly disappointing display of PC’s version of democracy.”

Windsor says the Alberta Party Highwood Constituency Association is putting up posters advocating for students in an “Albertans Matter” campaign this week.

“Our students deserve better than being lied to. We hope our ‘Students Matter’ posters will remind residents that students need to be prioritized above getting re-elected.”

The data on the Davisburg school construction on the projects.alberta.ca website can be seen at http://projects.alberta.ca/details/Elementary-Junior-High-School-Heritage-Heights.