Partners for Safety on Patrol for Halloween

For the 20th year, we are pleased to be a part of The Calgary Partners for Safety helping ensure everyone’s safety on Halloween.

On October 31st, more than 800 vehicles will patrol Calgary streets from 6PM to 8PM making sure this will be a safe Halloween.

The Partners for Safety also includes: Alberta Health Services EMS, Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Transit, City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services and ShawTV – Calgary. It is coordinated by Calgary’s Child Magazine. Any child experiencing a problem can go to a partner for help.

Between calls, along with Emergency Medical Services, we will have units patrolling residential neighbourhoods. This will provide a high visibility presence for the youngsters trick-or-treating.

Calgary Fire Department will also have vehicles on patrol and fire stations will be open as a safe place for youngsters.

Calgary Transit’s buses and C-Trains are in the community providing transit service from early morning until late at night. If trick-or-treaters need assistance, they can approach any transit vehicle they spot. Each vehicle is equipped with a radio and in an emergency the operator can contact emergency personnel.

Halloween tips for trick-or-treaters and their parents:

-A bright costume with reflector tape will make children more visible to drivers.
-Costumes should not be highly flammable, or interfere with easy walking.
-If children are wearing masks, the masks shouldn’t interfere with their vision: better yet, use face paint instead.
-Try to trick-or-treat while it’s still light out.
-An adult should accompany younger children.
-Older kids who are mature enough to be unsupervised should travel in a group.
-Parents should help their kids plan a route and set a time to be home.
-Remind children never to go beyond the doorway, and not to talk to strangers.
-Parents should also remind children to stay on the sidewalk and only cross the street at intersections.
-Let your children know not to take shortcuts through alleys and abandoned areas, but to stay in populated, well-lit areas. It’s a good idea for kids to carry a flashlight and to have a cell phone or some change for a pay phone in case there’s a problem.
-An adult should inspect the candy to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with.

Halloween tips for homeowners:

-Turn on your porch light to let children know they’re welcome (or vice versa).
-Remove obstacles such as lawn ornaments and gardening tools from yards.
-Place decorations out of the way so that nobody trips.
-The safest way to light a jack-o’-lantern is with battery-powered lights. If you use candles, make sure the flame can’t come into contact with a child’s costume.

Halloween tips for drivers:

-When children get excited, they tend to forget the most basic safety rules, especially around traffic. If you’re driving, slow down and be extra cautious in residential areas.
-Drive defensively – expect children to dart out from between parked cars.
-Watch carefully for people using pedestrian crossings.

See more tips at: Calgary Partners for Safety