Parachute Safe Kids Week: Tips for Safety at Play

Parachute Safe Kids Week: Tips for Safety at Play

Sports, recreation and unstructured play are important for healthy, active living and can contribute to child development. Because concussions and other serious injuries can occur during play, learn what you can do to help keep kids safe while having fun.

Take part in Parachute Safe Kids Week, happening June 4 to10, 2018 in communities across Canada. Follow these tips to keep kids safe from concussions at play.


♦ Follow the rules of the game and the rules of the road. They are there for everyone’s safety.
♦ Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion; it can happen even without a direct hit to the head and without losing consciousness.
♦ Ensure any child with a possible head injury is checked out by a doctor.
♦ Encourage kids to speak up about how they are feeling.

At Play

Help reduce the likelihood of head injury during sports, recreation or unstructured play.

♦ Encourage children to learn proper sport skills and techniques to protect themselves and others from injury.
♦ During sports and recreation, use correctly fitted protective equipment.
♦ Choose a playground with a deep soft surface to better protect from falls. Children under age five should play on equipment lower than 1.5 metres (5 feet).