Pandemic Housing: Finding a Safe, Sanitary New Home During COVID-19

If you are house hunting during the COVID-19 pandemic, you will want to take extra precautions to find a perfect new home in sanitary condition. Whether the home you want to buy is brand new or has been lived in by other residents, take steps like the following in tandem with your realtor to ensure that you find a safe home to purchase.

Tailor Your Search

For the house you want, make the search terms as specific as possible. The more details you can provide, the easier it will be to find property listings that meet your criteria. You may be able to find homes that have had just one owner as well as those that are located in certain locations where the risk of epidemic disease or unsanitary conditions is lower than in other neighborhoods. You might want to look at luxury homes with built-in or added features that sanitized the rooms periodically. Well-kept homes that appear clean and in good condition possibly have been well maintained to preserve their value.

Check the Property’s History

View online homes for sale at the city or county sheriff’s website for documented drug use or criminal activity by previous owners. Although there is no direct correlation between these activities and unsanitary conditions, they often develop under similar living conditions. The realtor should also be able to provide a history of recent repairs or improvements to give you an idea of prior damage to the property as well as the ways in which the owners maintained and increased the property condition and value.

Get a Home Inspection

Hire a professional home inspector to provide a detailed evaluation of the home’s current and developing problems. Ventilation problems and plumbing issues, for example, may have made it more challenging to keep the home clean and free of COVID-19 during peak virus seasons. If you are interested in buying the home, get an estimate for the cost of these and any other recommended repairs or updates.

Arrange for Sanitation Procedures

Evidence of mold, previous chronically ill residents, or someone who passed away from a virus recently suggests the need for the home to be deep cleaned and sanitized. You may want to hire professional mold remediators and house cleaners to handle the work for you to avoid exposure to potential toxins and germs.

When searching for your next home, look for a clean, well-cared-for house that has been sanitized or can be if needed to avoid potential COVID-19 residual infection.