Paediatric Occupational Therapist Accomplishing Big Goals in the Foothills

When she graduated from her masters degree as an Occupational Therapist, Erica Kronstal did not even know where the Foothills was.
That was until she was offered a job in Okotoks and a colleague suggested that they check out Turner Valley and Black Diamond.  Her and her husband Joe made the road trip, pitched a tent in Okotoks for the weekend, and within a day bought a house in Turner Valley ready to move in.  Fast forward almost nine years later, they now call Turner Valley “home” where they are raising their three young children and are active members in the community, volunteering many hours at the Turner Valley School, Turner Valley Fire Hall, Oilfield Sports Association and High Country Minor Hockey Association.
Erica is now the owner and therapist behind the successful and growing company Stepping Stones Occupational Therapy for Children. She is committed to providing services to children and families in foothills communities.
 While on maternity leave Erica decided she needed to reach a wider population and took to social media via Facebook and Instagram, where she provides encouragement, advice, and practical strategies, to parents of young children.   “Parenting is hard, really hard. I struggle with my own parenting daily.  If there’s anything I can do to help another family and child, then that’s where my heart is”.   Recently Erica saw a need in the community for a small preschool program targeting skills to prepare children for kindergarten.   The preschool program is set to begin in fall 2020 and will help young children develop the fine motor skills, self-care skills and sensory/emotional regulation skills they need to be successful and enter school with confidence.  Within an hour of advertising the program was full, with a wait list growing daily.  “I knew there was a need for this in our community and I’m truly honoured to have the opportunity to work with these young children.  This is just the beginning of my dreams for this company and for the services we can provide to foothills families”.
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