Packed and Ready To Go, But . . .

76 year old needs help with this “fundraising” thing!

Hugh AshwellHis name is Hugh Ashwell and at 76 years of age, he’s philosophical about his decision to join Wild Pink Yonder, the 23-day, 500 km trail ride for breast cancer research.

“I don’t know how many more years a guy might be able to do something like this,” said Hugh over the phone. “Sure age takes its toll, but you can defeat yourself before you even get started. That muscle that hurts when you ride; it’s going to hurt even if you don’t ride!”

Hugh’s love of riding began 66 years ago when he first rode his neighbour’s horse. At age 22 he got his own horse – a draft – broke to harness for skidding logs. His first riding horse didn’t come along until he was 30. Still, that’s nearly a half-century of riding!

Hugh wants to ride with Wild Pink Yonder this August and he’s now got a Tennessee Walking Horse all tuned-up and ready to go; but he doesn’t do computers so “that fundraising thing” is somewhat difficult.

“We have opened a page for Hugh on the Alberta Cancer Foundation website,” said Wild Pink Yonder Trail Boss Jane Hurl. “If everyone would donate $10 or $20 to his ride, Hugh would have the money in a flash! And if you’re generous, he might win the prize for the most money raised!”

Today, 43 Albertans will hear the words, “You have cancer”. Hugh Ashwell wants to help us change that.

If you would like to help Hugh, please go to

For further information please Trail Boss Jane Hurl at

For details, to register to ride or to donate, visit

Wild Pink Yonder is travelling from Lloydminister, around some Northern Alberta towns, and ending up in Edmonton. The Ride starts on August 8th.