Owners Reminded to Maintain their Properties in High River


High River, AB: Property owners are being reminded of their responsibilities to complete regular maintenance, such as cutting grass and trimming hedges.

“There are areas in town where the house has been demolished and the lot is empty,” explained Patrick Webb, protective services advisor “ The owner is still required to keep the lot tidy by cutting the grass, managing weed control and trimming hedges, especially if they encroach onto sidewalks, roads or alleys.”

While there is a Town bylaw for unsightly properties, the Town is encouraging residents to work together to help preserve the beauty of their community by assisting neighbours who may be struggling to keep up with yard maintenance.

“It can become very expensive for the property owner if the Town has to step in to complete the work because the owner is billed for this,” said Webb. “This would only occur as a last resort, so we encourage owners to take responsibility for properly maintaining their properties.”

As well as being unsightly, properties that are not maintained can be a safety concern since long grass could hide hazards.

“It’s really a matter of taking pride in our town by keeping your grass and hedges trimmed so that your neighbourhoods continue to look attractive.”