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Outstanding Lawyers Honoured With Queen’s Counsel Designation


Thirty-nine Alberta lawyers have received the honourary title of Queen’s Counsel in recognition of their exceptional contributions to the legal community.

Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Kathleen Ganley, Alberta’s attorney general, has released the 2016 list of Queen’s Counsel (commonly written as ‘Q.C.’) appointees. The individuals are a diverse group that includes both public and private sector lawyers from communities across the province.

“This year’s Queen’s Counsel appointees have demonstrated their commitment to enhancing our province’s justice system. In doing so, they have shown themselves to be deserving of this distinction as well as the respect of their peers within the legal community.”

Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

The tradition of appointing lawyers to the Queen’s Counsel dates back to 16th century England. The practice was continued in Canada prior to Confederation, with the first Queen’s Counsel appointees admitted in Upper Canada in 1841.

For the Q.C. designation in Alberta, applications are reviewed by a screening committee comprised of members of the judiciary and legal community, which submits recommendations for appointment to the Minister of Justice and Solicitor General and Cabinet for consideration.

2016 Queen’s Counsel Appointments

Aarbo, Darryl Allen

Appelt, Garry

Armstrong, Robert

Bailey, Damon Scott

Black, Gail Patricia

Borsic-Drummond, Susan

Bosscha, Frank John

Bryden, Philip

Burke, Judy Darleen

Christopher, Michelle Constance

Dhir, Sandeep Kumar

Dobler, Rhoda Ingrid

Dunlop, Grant Scott

Felix, Christine Jane

Foster, Timothy E.

Francis, Gregory Scott

Harms, Diane Lynn

Hebert, Patricia Marie

Hewitt, Karen Elizabeth

Houle, Lise Marie Irene

Hurlburt, Katharine Louise

Johnson, Lori Jean

Keelaghan, Margaret Mary

Kirwin, Jeananne Kathol

Kobly, Peggy Mary

Lane, Christopher John

Letourneau, Adam

Lloyd, Julie

Mercer, David Brian

Munn, D. Jean

Prather, Valerie

Pritchard, F. Murray

Rice, Aubrey Clayton

Scott, Darlene

Smyth, Sean Stanley

Tchir, Lisa Christine

Teskey, Kent

Wachowich, James Andrew

Watson, John Derek

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