Out-of-touch NDP Fiscal Update Hides Reality Facing Albertans

EDMONTON, AB: Drew Barnes, UCP candidate for re-election in Cypress–Medicine Hat has issued the following statement following the NDP government’s third quarter fiscal update today:

“Today’s third-quarter fiscal update does nothing to inspire confidence from Albertans in a free-spending NDP government that is burying Albertans in a sea of red ink.

“The NDP’s supposed plan still puts Albertans on track to nearly $100 billion in debt by 2023. The average Alberta family’s share of that is more than $89,000.

“Today alone, Albertans will pay $5 million in interest payments on the NDP’s debt.

“The NDP’s vague ‘path to balance’ promises mean little. Over the last four years, the NDP promised four different dates for a supposed return to balance. The only certainty is that the NDP’s debt-heavy agenda means less for services and more in interest payments for bankers and bond holders.

“The outlook presented by the NDP government this morning is out of touch with the reality facing Albertans. In the last two months alone, Alberta lost 33,000 jobs. There are more unemployed Albertans today than when the NDP took office. And our economic growth for this year is now projected to be the weakest in the nation.

“The fiscal situation facing the province today is also the result of the NDP’s failed alliance with the Trudeau government – resulting in the cancellation of the Northern Gateway and Energy East pipelines, and seemingly endless delays to the Trans Mountain expansion. “Alberta families deserve better from their government.”