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Out-of-Control Liberal borrowing won’t create jobs and means higher taxes for Foothills residents

Ottawa, ON – Official Opposition Deputy Critic and Member of Parliament for Foothills John Barlow is disappointed the Liberals have once again not provided adequate support to workers in the energy sector hit hard by the downturn in oil prices, have completely ignored the agricultural sector and have increased taxes on job creating small businesses.

“While I support some measures in the budget, such as extending employment insurance benefits for Albertans struggling with the downturn in the resource sector, the reality is Albertans want to be working,” said MP Barlow. “Repealing tax reductions for small business and families will make life harder for Albertans. Ignoring two of Albertan’s largest employers – agriculture and energy – shows Alberta, which was the economic driver of Canada over the past decade, is not a priority for this Liberal government.”

This budget also includes eliminating the Child Fitness Tax Credit, Children’s Art Tax Credit, Education Tax Credit, Textbook Tax Credit and income splitting for families. These are programs that were extremely helpful to Foothills residents facing the costs of raising their families.

Finally, as our allies are engaged in the global fight against terrorism, it is frustrating our Liberal government is backing out of the fight in this budget by cutting our defense spending by $3.7 billion.

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