Our High River August Community Cafe: Emotional Safe Spot

High River, July 31, 2019: The Our High River August Community Café is Wednesday August 14th from 5-7pm. We have partnered with the Community Capacity Building Project for this café to introduce ‘Emotional Safe Spot’.

The Emotional Safe Spot program is a High River initiative that recognizes that seeking help can be hard. Training has been provided to staff from a range of agencies in town so that we have designated emotional safe spots. These places or individuals will be identified with a simple orange dot. What this dot means is that this place or person is a safe spot to reach out, to bring up your struggle, to help you get to the next step towards wellness. You can come through the door or approach the person with the orange dot and sat “I’m wondering if you can help,” or “I’m not having a great day.”

Our Mission: High River Emotional Safe Spots exist to provide an easy access, warm, and kind place to get first step help when you are struggling.

Objectives of the program:

1 – Build community capacity by providing baseline training in emotional support.

2 – Arm front line community workers with skills and resources to direct struggling citizens towards wellness.

3 – Train our own local trainers to provide ongoing training (twice per year) in the Emotional Safe Spot Program.

4 – Develop a citizen training to build citizen capacity as safe spots.

Community café agenda

5pm-7pm food/beverages

6pm special presentation

Kid-friendly with Kids Corner.

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Background –

The Our High River Community Cafés are held the second Wednesday of the month. They were created to give space for community to get together, meet new people, build community connection and inform community of upcoming information. Learn more about Our High River at http://www.ourhighriver.com