Open Letter from Premier Jim Prentice

Today is a great day for Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives.

Throughout my public and political life, I have always believed conservatives should be united in bringing our common principles and combined energy to public service.  As Premier and as Leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, I have been clear that all conservatives are welcome and wanted within our Party.  

With the acceptance of nine new MLAs into our caucus, we are beginning an important act of reunion for conservatives all across Alberta based upon shared principles.

I am pleased to provide my personal endorsement as Leader of the PCAA to these MLAs if they run as PC candidates for the upcoming 2015 nominations. 

In support of this unification, our PCAA Board of Directors has passed the following resolution:

  • Be it the resolved that the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PCAA) endorses the announcement of the unification of Alberta conservatives as nine members of the Wildrose caucus unite with the PC caucus. Further, we offer our congratulations to our Leader for his continued advancement of the reunion of all conservatives in Alberta. 
  • All PC nominations will occur in 2015 and we expect all constituency associations to work with their sitting PC MLAs to choose the date that works best locally.
  • We also support the opportunity for members of the Wildrose Political Association to obtain an equivalent PCAA membership beginning in 2015.  We welcome these new members to our party and to our local associations and we look forward to working together.

Today, we once again represent the full diversity of voices and regions from across all Alberta – north, south, urban and rural. Alberta is stronger today with these committed people working together in our caucus.  Our province needs united leadership and shared purpose in tackling the challenges ahead.  

I know I can count on you to welcome and engage these new members to our party and to our local associations.  

Jim Prentice

Leader, PC Alberta