Open House Planned for High River Red Tail Rise Annexation Proposal


HIGH RIVER, AB: New expansion is being planned for High River with the Red Tail Rise annexation proposal, which includes approximately 370 acres of land in the south east area of town behind Highwood High School.  The Town of High River has initiated a formal Notice of Intent to start the annexation process.

The Town is holding an Open House on Thursday, January 22, 2015 from 4:30 – 8 p.m. in the Council Chambers (309B Macleod Trail S.W.) to provide an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to learn more about the intended expansion.

“The proposed annexation will replace developmental land that was lost as a result of the June 2013 flood,” said Mayor Craig Snodgrass.

The long-term plan would provide residential development that is not prone to flooding.  Plans are already underway to create a single-family area similar to Beachwood.

“Council wants to support the families who lived in the Beachwood area with the opportunity to build new homes in what will be a similar community,” said Snodgrass. “This is why we will be supporting the initial development of 50 acres into executive style, low density housing.”

This new community could bring additional residents to High River who are looking for luxury accommodations that are potentially more affordable locally than estate communities in Calgary.

Annexing the land will also establish industrial opportunities for the area east of 104 Street. Utility service access and accessibility will promote future growth for the long term.

Snodgrass said, “High River is growing and I believe this expansion will open up economic opportunities to provide a more sustainable future for our town.”

Maps and detailed information will be available at the Open House and Town Staff will be available to speak with anyone who has questions or concerns.

“We welcome any suggestions from within and outside our community and encourage residents and stakeholders to attend the scheduled open house,” said Khalid Mohammed, manager of planning and development services for the Town.

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