Online Facebook Auction for Ramp Up Quinn’s New Wheels

If you are part of the Facebook community and want to help out with the fundraising for Quinn Page-Smith’s new wheelchair you can check out this online auction.

The local Foothills community is really getting on board and posting alot of wonderful items on the site. You will have to check back often as things are added. If you are placing bids on items you will also have to check that you aren’t outbid!

Keep up on Quinn’s progress (she’s home now) on the main Facebook fundraiser page and see what else is being done in the community. I see a Steeped Tea party on there – that’s intriguing!

You really should read Quinn’s blog too; it’s fantastic!

The Royal Bank account is now active in Turner Valley and accepting donations also. There is also the GoFundMe website set up for Quinn that has more information and you don’t have to be on Facebook to visit there and donate online. The funds are being managed by Sheep River Health Trust.

Have fun and help out Quinn at the same time!

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