One Month Countdown to Higher Carbon Tax

EDMONTON, AB): One month from December 1st the NDP will hike its failed carbon tax by 50 per cent.

“Alberta families are already struggling under the weight of a carbon tax that this NDP never campaigned on,” said United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney. “Their job-killing carbon tax has made virtually everything Albertans buy more expensive, from groceries to kids’ hockey fees, and everything in between. The NDP is even slapping Albertans with a whopping 75 percent tax on natural gas. It’s all economic pain with no environmental gain, and on January 1st it will get more painful for everyone in Alberta. Albertans can rest assured that the first act of a United Conservative government will be to repeal this job-killing carbon tax.”

A United Conservative government would immediately repeal the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax, stand up for Alberta, and join Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s legal challenge on the constitutionality of a federally-mandated price on carbon.

“The NDP sold Albertans a bill of goods when it imposed this massive, job-killing tax under the guise of so-called ‘social’ licence for pipelines,” said UCP Energy Critic Prasad Panda. “So far, we have yet to see one shovel in the ground on a pipeline to tidewater and opponents of our energy industry are more determined than ever to shut us down. Social licence is a myth created by a government whose spending is so out of control, they needed more of your money to cover the bill.”