One day RCMP CheckStop blitz takes 166 impaired drivers off Alberta roads

Edmonton, AB – Police stopped and checked 20,825 vehicles during an Alberta-wide RCMP CheckStop blitz that took place on Friday, December 5th. The RCMP conducted 230 CheckStops in local communities and on Alberta roadways. The operation was part of a Canada-wide RCMP enforcement campaign aimed at taking impaired drivers off the roads. At some locations, Alberta Traffic Sheriffs and municipal police officers worked alongside the RCMP.

The large-scale Alberta RCMP CheckStop blitz resulted in the following:

  • 70  motorists charged with Impaired by Alcohol
  • 71motorists were issued roadside suspensions due to alcohol
  • 1 motorist was charged with Impaired by Drug
  • 24 motorists were issued roadside suspensions due to drugs

Alberta RCMP CheckStops will continue throughout the holiday season.