Okotoks Soap Box Derby June 6th – Sponsors Needed

Soapbox Derby is fast approaching (June 6th), and we are getting a little desperate for some sponsorship of carts.  We have about 17 kids, hoping to enter, but need someone to sponsor them.

Please go to Carstar and fill in a sponsorship form, and they will connect you with a child.  If you want to promote your business, this is a great opportunity, to have your logo on the cart, or a flag/banner hanging off the back, waving in the wind, or just let the child decorate the cart however they want and have your name announced over the loud speaker. Maybe you have a family member,  friend, or business associate, that would be interested in sponsoring a child. Please start talking about this, and make it a successful year!

This is a great family fun day, but we need to have time for these kids and their parents to build the carts.

Please think about sponsoring a cart, and if you already have, thanks for your continued, and very much appreciated support!

Please contact, Andrew( 403-983-3160) or Mark at Carstar if you have any questions.  Applications are at Carcraft Carstar Collision and Fountain Tire!