Okotoks Residents Invited to Participate in Municipal Heritage Designation Program

Okotoks Residents Invited to Participate in Municipal Heritage Designation Program

The Town of Okotoks is asking for the community’s participation in developing a Municipal Heritage Designation Program (MHDP) that will formally recognize and conserve its valued historic buildings, parks and cultural landscapes.

“Currently the Town does not have a formal program to protect our historical footprint,” said Culture and Heritage Manager Allan Boss. “The Municipal Heritage Designation Program will provide the tools needed to identify, protect and celebrate Okotoks’ rich and diverse heritage.”

The Town has contracted heritage consultants, JMGartly Design Studio to assist in developing a program that reflects the community’s preferences. Council’s support of the resulting legislative policy and bylaw will provide efficient and effective direction to Administration.

“With the town’s anticipated growth, we will need to establish a strong vision, policies, bylaws, guidelines and tools to ensure that the ‘sense of place‘ and historic character of the community is safely preserved,” said Boss.

The MHDP will build upon the Town’s inventory of potential heritage designation buildings and the Culture and Heritage Master Plan work, as well as informing and aligning with the Downtown Urban Master Plan, Municipal Development Plan, and the Environmental Master Plan.

An online survey will launch the first phase of the website inviting residents to join the conversation about what heritage looks like for Okotoks.

“The Town is committed to expanding the conversation with the public about initiatives and projects so that community priorities and preferences are reflected in the final direction the Town takes,” said Boss.

Access the Survey here