Okotoks Resident Petitions for New Alberta Election

To Lieutenant Governor the Honourable Lois Mitchell: Call a new election for Alberta provincial government for 2016

By Darci Bleeker, Okotoks

Since the New Democratic Party of Alberta was elected as the provincial government in May 2015, they have done nothing but defy the rights of the people who live in our communities. They have destroyed many households and plagued us, the people who live in Alberta, with debt, unnecessary taxes, shocking unemployment rates, an economic uncertainty causing decrease in foreign investment, and more to come in the next three years if we don’t stop them now. Not only has Rachel Notley and her party humiliated Alberta, she has also violated our human rights and compromised our values for her own selfish idealistic views. Alberta was doing just fine without the NDP government waging war on our industry and farming associations. More importantly, the NDP government has not been a responsible government thus far and are not expected to get better. They have not listened to peoples’ concerns, or stuck to their election promises. Please help us, the people of Alberta, call a new election!

The petition has over 50,000 supporters’ signatures.

The petition is available by clicking here.