Okotoks Reminds Residents Please Do Not Feed the Deer

Feeding wildlife, especially deer, has become more common and problematic recently in some areas in Alberta. Okotoks has a significant population of deer in our area and could be subject to future problems if residents or visitors begin feeding them. Problems linked to feeding wildlife arise when animals pursue people and occasionally threaten public safety. Feeding deer could lead to:

  • Overcrowding and increased incidence of disease in animal populations can be linked to feeding. Ticks can be passed to humans in close contact with infected animals.
  • Butting or pawing of persons by over-anxious deer has occurred in other municipalities, resulting in human injury, particularly to small children.
  • High populations of deer may attract predators, like cougars, into populated areas.
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Image Courtesy of Parks Canada http://www.pc.gc.ca
Image Courtesy of Parks Canada http://www.pc.gc.ca

Please be a responsible resident and practice the following tips:

DO NOT feed or approach any wild animal

DO NOT leave pet food outside (may attract skunks & coyotes)

DO NOT allow dogs off leash except at the Off Leash Park

DO NOT distribute bird feed in parks or natural areas

DO slow down for wildlife

DO use deer-resistant bird feeders

To report illegal feeding of deer, contact Municipal Enforcement, 403-938-8913.

If you encounter a vicious animal call Fish & Wildlife at 403-652-8330 or in a life threatening emergency call 9-1-1.