Okotoks Pathway Systems

Many of our 50 km of pathways have recovered from the devastating floods of last year. These amenities are well used and many people are out enjoying the beauty of our community by walking and biking on the pathway system.

Don’t forget that the pedestrian has the right of way when sharing the pathway with a bicyclist. Bicyclist must yield the right of way to a pedestrian, and to use a bell or an audible signal before overtaking or passing a pedestrian. A bicyclist cannot exceed 20 km/h on the pathway or operate in a reckless manner.

We encourage everyone to make use of our 49 KMS of pathway systems throughout Town and we hope to avoid any unfortunate incidents that can occur when a bicycle collides with a pedestrian, no matter the circumstance. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our pathway system, please call Municipal Enforcement at (403) 938-8913.

Your Guide to Okotoks Pathways

Printed in March 2013, this map shows the current 49km of pathway system around Okotoks that connects virtually every corner of Okotoks. The map includes a few sample walking/running/cycling routes, important landmarks and buildings, as well as a km legend to give approximate distances between various points throughout town. It also contains great information about local wildlife, dogs in parks, safety information and tips for sharing the path.

Pick up a copy of this new trail map at the Okotoks Recreation Centre, the Municipal Centre or the Visitor Centre.

You can also download the map here.