Okotoks Participates in Rural Housing Survey

The Town of Okotoks is partnering with 15 agencies in the Foothills region to conduct a survey on rural homelessness and housing needs.

This is part of a provincial initiative involving 21 communities who are undertaking one of the largest coordinated rural at-risk housing assessments ever completed in Alberta.

“Homelessness and housing issues are more hidden in rural communities and so there’s often a lot of scepticism about it being a problem,” said Debbie Posey, the Town’s community wellness manager. “This survey will help to reveal the extent of the issue facing small and rural municipalities.”

The Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta (FCSSAA) Homelessness Estimation Project will provide a provincial perspective on the population in rural sectors who are experiencing unstable housing. The data will also include community-specific information about the situation in the Foothills region.

“The results from this survey will clarify the extent of the problem in our area, which will help us better address our community’s needs and potentially secure future government funding,” said Posey.

Surveys will be completed at social agencies throughout the Foothills region including Okotoks, High River and Black Diamond.  Clients will be invited to complete a survey voluntarily when they access the services.

The project runs from October 15 – November 15. Anyone who would like more information or would be interested in completing the survey can contact Okotoks Family Resource Centre at 403.995.2626.

Source: Town of Okotoks